Being I soon realized the difference between

born in India and into a lower middle class family is something not unique. As
I grew up, I soon realized the difference between me and some of my classmates
who belonged to rich and influential families. I also realized that being in
the top 10% of the class, getting higher grades, clearing competitive exams is
not a luxury but a basic necessity to survive. I even did not have the luxury
to be wholly self-centred and shirk responsibilities towards my family as I am
the eldest of the three siblings, and thus responsibilities towards my family
even got compounded. 


I saw
struggle since early childhood, not only as we had limited opportunities for
travel, parties, family celebrations, but also, we had to do self-study as
private tuition was simply not affordable. I started earning money by teaching
school children, part time, and taught for two straight years during my
pre-college time. I never realized that the money earned was little to support
my university education. Although, I cleared All India Competition exams to
enter into a reputed Engineering College, still, belonging to General Class
category, things were even difficult here. In order to pay for a total of Rs 4
Lacs college fees, I took an education loan from the bank, and I am still
paying instalments, hoping to pay off the loan by July 2018. 

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the GRE and IELTS exam, and applying to US universities had always been a dream
for me. This fascinated me to study harder and save all the earned money to
feed my expenses. I realized it is better to gain some experience, decide which
Master course I should pursue, before I apply. My wait was further delayed as I
supported two siblings to get into good universities. I am happy to mention
that my brother and sister are both now in universities in Noida and pursuing
technical courses, hoping to finish in another two years’ time.  I decided
to pursue Master in Information Technology and Management course since this course
really gelled excellently with my career and long term dreams.


I learned
that yearning to earn money and living through difficult times, makes one even
stronger, as the value of hard earned money can be understood in a better way.
I also learned this that being the eldest child and supporting your family and
your siblings is something one should be proud of.


I firmly
believe in “Life is what 10% happens to me and what 90% I react to
it”, and hence, I always reacted positively and it helped me grow both
professionally and personally. I am at a propitious moment of my life in which
I have a difficult choice to make. I am working in XYZ Company now, however, in
order to pursue my goals, I would have to go back to the university. I have
made up my mind that opportunity never comes back and I must utilize this
opportunity, as still, bigger responsibilities lie ahead of me. This
opportunity at the Jindal School of Management would help me do much better in
my desired career and I would in turn support my family including my siblings’
higher education.


I can’t
change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my


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