Behavioral and Cognitive-Behavioral Couple Essay

Goodman Method Couples Therapy: This is a scientifically based approach to couples therapy based on Stamen’s 30 years of research on the key differences between happy and unhappy marriages (Goodman, 1999). Although Stamen’s approach is not an empirically supported treatment, its treatment goals are well supported by research data. ; Functional Family Therapy: This is an empirically supported treatment for working with troubled teens and their families.

Behavioral and Cognitive-Behavioral Family Therapies In a Nutshell: The Least You Need to Know In the general mental health field, cognitive-behavioral therapies (CBS) are some of the most commonly used therapeutic approaches. They have their roots in behaviorism-?Pavlov’s research on stimulus-response pairings with dogs and Skinner’s research on rewards and punishments with cats-?the premises of which are still widely used with phobias, anxiety and parenting.

Until the sass, most of the cognitive-behavioral family therapies were primarily behavioral: behavioral family therapy (Balloon, 1991) and behavioral couples therapy (Woolworth-Munroe & Jacobson, 1991). In recent years, approaches that more directly incorporate cognitive components have devil;popped: cognitive-behavioral family therapy (Epstein & Abacus, 2000; Dilatation, 2005) and Goodman method couples therapy approach (1999).

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Cognitive-behavioral family therapies integrate systemic concepts into standard cognitive-behavioral techniques by examining how family members –or any two people in relationship– reinforce one another’s behaviors to maintain symptoms and relational patterns. Therapist generally assume a directive, “teaching,” or “coaching” relationship with clients, which is quite different from other approaches of “Joining” or “amphetamine” with clients to form a relationship. Because this approach is rooted in experimental psychology, research is central to its practice and evolution, resulting in a substantial evidence base. Pull


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