Before and After College Essay

Assignment: Revised Draft Life Before and After College The idea of college frightened me. When thinking about it I became worried that it would be stressful and overwhelming. But in reality both share the common goal of graduation. I really like being a college student much more than I did being a high school student. I feel that I have more freedom even though I still do live at home. I have the ability to choose my own classes, the times I take them, and also what interests me. Also in college I feel like I can relate more to the professors than I did to the teachers.

Another difference that I see is high school is mandatory and free while college is voluntary and students are financially responsible. So the way that I see it is that you have to make the decision to be dedicated, manage your time, and do homework because you’re paying for that learning experience. The diversity is another difference that those entering college will experience. Not only are there diverse cultures, there are also many different age groups. And a person from any age group may be in many of the class you are in.

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There are also some similarities between high school and college. For example professors and teachers both teach their student, have homework assignments, and projects which we receive grades on. The grading systems are probably more difficult in college but both serve the same purpose. So in conclusion I have found out that college isn’t really something to be afraid of its more something to appreciate and enjoy. In both settings we are expanding our knowledge just in the college setting we are more personally responsible which is why I feel it comes with freedoms.


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