The rate of chemical reactions Essay

If you live in a hot country you don’t need as much energy as you don’t u as much energy maintaining a steady body temperature. What is the metabolic rate? The rate of chemical reactions in your cells. What affects the metabolic rate? Gender ( men have a higher metabolic rate) Proportion of muscle to fat Amount of exercise you do. Genetic factors. Inheritance, exercise and health What do we inherit health wise? 1 . Metabolic rate (how easily we gain + lose mass) .

Muscle to fat levels 3. Risk of heart disease (cholesterol levels) Controlling cholesterol Why do we need cholesterol? We need cholesterol for cell membranes and to make vital hormones. What do we inherit about cholesterol? We Inherit the way the body balances cholesterol. There are two types of cholesterol. 2 forms Healthy Unhealthy What happens if the levels are wrong? Your risk tot getting nee art disease increases. What unbalances the level of cholesterol in your blood? Eating high fat foods increases the harmful cholesterol which leads to heart disease.

What helps to keep the levels balanced? Eating a balanced diet means the liver (makes+balances the levels) can keep up. Also doing regular exercise helps lower bad cholesterol and increase the good. 1/500 inherit factors which gives a high cholesterol no matter what they eat, they have a high risk of heart disease Exercise and health People who exercise regularly are generally healthier, they are… Less likely to be overweight More muscle tissue which increases the metabolic rate. Regular exercise lowers cholesterol. Weight Problems

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Obesity What is it? This is a form of malnourishment, that occurs when you are overweight. Why does it happen? I you take in more energy than you use, this will be stored as excess fat, overtime people become grossly overweight. What problems are caused by this? Arthritis, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. (obesity causes the most health problems due to weight). Lack of Food What does this mean? This is another form of malnourishment that occurs a lot in the 3rd world due to lack of food people become underweight. Tarring) What happens as a result of this? Deficiency diseases are common, they are caused by a lack of mineral irons and vitamins which are crucial to a balanced diet. ( this type of disease also occurs with people who don’t eat balanced diets). Losing weight How do you lose weight? Lose mass when the energy content of your food is less than you use. Reduce amount of energy (food) take in. Increase exercise (maintain health) DO BOTH ( quick results) People prefer to go to slimming groups to get support and guidance in losing weight


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