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Based on our report, we can know that there are many types of aggression.
We mainly focus on gender aggression, fear induced aggression and children
aggression. Researchers have studied the differences of gender in aggression.
In proportions of their total aggression scores, boys and girls are verbally
about equally aggressive, while boys are more physically and girls more
indirectly aggressive. In this society and generation, we are being told that girls
can be aggressive when it comes to verbal or non-verbal communication. Verbal
abuse can be one of the weapon to harm another individual. If the worse comes
to the worst, it can leave physical scars as well. Traditionally, it has been
regarded as self-evident that males are more aggressive than females because of
the existence of testosterone. This notion is supported by the fact that in
most mammals, males are more aggressive than females. Man can be physically abusive to others and
will often get into a fight, whereas woman will not take part in a fight but
they are good at verbal aggression. Next, male aggression and female aggression
is discussed.

What is male aggression? Why are males
more aggressive than females? To have a good discussion, we must take into
account the following details or points. First of all, in biology, we know that male has a stronger body
figure than female, therefore the aggressiveness in male can be reflected by
their anatomy itself. For example, the arms of men are 75% more muscular than
those of women, and the top of a male body is 90% stronger than the top of a
female body. (Bohannon, 1997; Abe et al., 2003, apud Goetz,
2010, p. 16). Besides, men are taller and they have denser bones, their
reaction time is shorter, they are more muscular and they have a bulkier heart
as well as higher haemoglobin percentage in their body etc. As a result, we
can understand that men are more suited for
battle than women, and they were chosen and evolutionary polished. Some social psychology has also proved that why men are more aggressive than woman. One of the
most popular theories belongs to American social psychologist Leonard
Berkowitz, he believes that male and female are educated in different ways to
carry out different social roles. Parents always teach their children that it
is a responsibility for a male to protect a female, and it is more suitable for
man to fight instead of woman. One of the examples is that toy guns are meant
for boys but not girls. Therefore, due to the habit formation and learning
since their tender age, man has become more aggressive than woman Berkowitz,
1993, p. 395. We can also explain it from an evolutionary perspective, the
fact that men are more aggressive than women can be explained through
intrasexual competition. They have inherited this skill from our ancestors
because in the living world, gaining a higher status, protecting the family and
acquiring competitive advantages in gaining mastery over woman involves
increased aggressiveness. Buss, Duntley, 2006;
Gat, 2010.

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According to a 2004
meta-analysis published by John Archer in the “Review of General
Psychology”, direct
aggression is more common than indirect aggression among both males and
females, but most of the females will rather use indirect aggression such as
verbal aggression and relational aggression. A study published by Kirsti M. J. in
1988 states that girls that are among 11 to 12 years old are more likely to use
indirect form of aggression than physical aggression. Hormones and genetics
contribute to female aggression. (Beck,
E., 2017). Female competition tends be more subtle, indirect, and less
violent than the male variety. Indirect aggression can take a
psychological toll on women who are ostracized or feel pressured to meet
impossible standards, like the vogue of thin bodies.



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