Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign Speech in Berlin Essay

The current president of the United States. Barack Obama. one time gave a address during his electoral run to a monolithic crowd in Berlin. Of class. while such a run address is obviously associated with political enterprises. it would still be appropriate to indicate out that the address purportedly serves a intent to unite states and to reconstruct past confederations for a individual cause which is to forestall every bit good as resoluteness emerging world-wide concerns. Given such context though. it is still apparent that a figure of propaganda techniques have been employed so as to derive and beef up public support.

One of the most evident propaganda techniques which Obama utilized was the field common people entreaty. To farther explain. throughout his address. Obama noted and highlighted that he presents himself non as an electoral campaigner but instead as a concerned citizen of the universe merely like the persons before him ( The Huffington Post. 2008 ) . Furthermore. the bandwagon attack has besides been applied. While turn toing the populace he delineated ends which are purportedly the ends of the full universe. such as ostracizing terrorist menaces and even supplying justness in other states ( The Huffington Post. 2008 ) .

If other persons or states would take away from such purposes it seems that they would be branded as adversary even though non needfully so. It is incontrovertible that Obama’s address was so effectual in carrying its audience judgment from the ovation. The propaganda techniques are designed to appeal to the emotions of the populace in Berlin. It provides a sense of unity. taking advantage of the historic representation of the site.

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Questioning the relevancy and cogency of Obama’s points during the event must hold been unlikely as the bulk. which attended the event. have already assumed the same position. Possibly. others. being influenced. took a similar stance as it seems to be the chauvinistic and responsible determination. Hence. Obama’s electoral success is testament to the usage of propaganda techniques in political relations. regardless of its colored and group-oriented nature.

Reference The Huffington Post. ( 2008 ) . Obama Berlin Speech. Retrieved hypertext transfer protocol: //www. huffingtonpost. com/2008/07/24/obama-in-berlin-video- of_n_114771. hypertext markup language.


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