Banned Drugs for Athletes Essay

Should professional sports figures be banned from their sport if convicted of drug possession, drunken driving, spousal battery, or failing to pay child support? Many sports figures violate rules and laws and are passed over because they are who they are, all Americans should be entitled to the same punishments as others. Why would it be fair for one individual to get away by not abiding the laws because they are a celebrity? All individuals should be granted the same treatment as any other individual. A person’s punishment for wrong doing should be based on the crime itself rather than who that person is.

Sports figures are idolized by the world, they are just regular everyday people, and if playing fair is what they work for, they should use that in their everyday life and be held accountable for their wrong doing. Sports in America, is a favorite past time and it is something everyone has in common, and everyone looks forward to the games. Whether its baseball, football, basketball or hockey (to name a few), there is always a plan for the big game. Inviting over friends, going to a sports bar, or a local restaurant, even attending the game itself, it is something almost every American enjoys to do.

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Sports figures are idolized by people around the world of all ages. Children to senior citizens love the sports, and that’s what this country is all about! There’s nothing like watching your favorite team win a game and then the children running as close as they can to the field to get their star players autographs, the respect that Americans have for their sports figures is a great win as itself. The players enjoy it as much as the fans. Sports figures are respected by people world-wide and the people that respect them have a high expectation of them, not only as their favorite players but as the role models to their children and themselves.

Whether someone is a sports figure or just an ordinary middle classed American, they should be treated the same when it comes to the law. Being convicted of drug possession, drunken driving, spousal battery, or failing to pay child support, a person should be punished. Unfortunately for most people, they will be punished to higher extent than someone who is a sports figure. Generally someone caught driving under the influence could be punished with approximately; Attendance at an alcohol/drug program, a fine f $390 to $1,000, plus substantial, mandatory penalty assessments (totaling up to an additional 280% apx. ), plus either (A) 48 hours to 6 months jail and 10 months license suspension; or (B) a license restriction to and from work, during work and to and from DUI program following any DMV suspension (if no refusal) and may impound vehicle for 6 months, and up to 3 years ignition interlock device (IID), and Additional Jail if Child Passenger, if 30 mph over speed limit on freeway or if 20 mph over speed limit on other roads, if Refusal of chemical test, or if . 5% BAC or more. (San Diego County DUI Law Center)

These punishments seem fair to any individual for a first offense, especially if no one was hurt. Every state might have their different ways of punishing individuals, but it is usually going to be along the same lines as this. Along with being punished by the state, sports figures should be banned in their sports, if not for one game, or one season, or indefinitely, depending on the offense(s).

In another case, former Sacramento Kings NBA player, Chris Webber, being the star that he is got off easy for driving under the influence and had a series of multiple other offenses to add to his plate. C-Webb used to drive the lane as one of the game’s better power forwards but when cops pulled him over for driving in every lane of the freeway in Maryland he did not like it. So he assaulted them and refused to take any test for influence. The police found weed in his car and he was convicted of driving under the influence.

C-Webb was also convicted of contempt of court when he lied to the grand jury about accepting illegal payments at Michigan when he was in college–these are major crimes. Well, C-Webb had to pick up trash for 300 hours, does that seem right? (Electro Mech Scoreboard Company) Come on, three-hundred hours? Any non- professional sports figured individual would have had the book thrown at them for all of this kind of law breaking dilemmas. “One, Two, Three Strikes—you’re out! ” That is one of the most recognizable statements in sports history.

Typically in a game, this statement comes into effect when the team is evicted from their time to shine (so to speak). This world-known sentence should be applied to sports figures everyday life. If a professional sports player is not banned the first or second time from their sports, why not put this statement into effect, and evict them of their time to shine the third time they commit crimes. In example, a player that is banned from the games should not be allowed to return for a more rewarding game because it is a highly publicized sporting event.

Chicago Bears defensive lineman Tank Johnson is Super Bowl bound, despite having been sentenced to home confinement for probation violations and a December weapons arrest. Cook County, IL Judge John Moran approved Johnson’s request to travel to Miami to play in NFL Super Bowl XLI. Johnson must return to Chicago February 5 and was warned that he may not violate the law while away or will face ‘dire consequences. ‘ Johnson was arrested December 14 in a police raid of his home and pleaded Not Guilty to 10 misdemeanor charges in Lake County, IL.

Officers reportedly found six guns, some of which were loaded, more than 500 rounds of ammunition, and marijuana. The December arrest violated a prior probation sentence stemming from a 2005 arrest for a misdemeanor gun-possession charge. (Total Criminal Defense) An individual that’s gets fired from his job does not get to come back because he’s what will make that company gain a huge account that will benefit them in the end, just as a professional sports figure should not be able to return to a big game that will only increase their pay role and publicity status.

With this being said, sports figures definitely get off easier then and normal individual. It is an unfair but it is probably unlikely to ever change. Many people benefit from professional sports, and regardless of a players criminal record or not, it is often overlooked, and they are let off easy. Professional sports figure are not only greatly idolized by people all over the world, they are just regular people whom happen to excel in sports and have a tastefully nice bank account, they also play the games as fair as they can within their limitations.

Although they have all these unique positive attributes, all people should be treated equal. Everyone is entitled to their own punishments by law. Only would it be fair if every individual was still punished equally. If a non-sports figure is to be fired from a job for being convicted of drug possession, drunken driving, spousal battery, or failing to pay child support, a celebrity sports figure should be banned from their sport for committing the same crimes.

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