Backpacking Hotel Sample Essay

1. Introduction
Singapore is one of the topographic points backpackers have their short pre-stopovers. taking the chance to research the metropolis at the same clip. Therefore. this concern program explores the thought of puting up a new budget hotel in stead of the recent tendency of backpacking. 2. 1. Overall Market Demand

Budget traveling in the yesteryear is frequently associated with the thought of backpacking where the original backpackers are non regarded as legitimate tourers. Today. there is an emerging tendency of budget travelers. due to the rise of low-priced bearers. making a “significant tourer market” all over the universe. Budget travelers are normally immature. aging from 18 – 35 old ages old. and are non merely constrained to backpackers entirely. These travelers are normally adventuresome and monetary value conscious who prefer budgeted adjustments. leting them to pass the remainder of their traveling fundss on other activities. Singapore. being located in South East Asia ( the “oldest backpacker trails” ) . is one of the common topographic points backpackers have a pre-stopover before heading off their following finish. therefore. taking to the lifting figure of budget hotels and inns. In fact. some budget hotels are taking to travel upmarket to provide to the increasing tendency of flashpackers ( budget travelers who have a spot more hard currency to save ) . This proposed new budget hotel aims to provide to such travelers and the mass market budget travelers coming from all around the universe. 2. 2. Overall Business Environment

Cost is a immense factor travelers consider. nevertheless. travelers besides consider the reappraisal of the inn before doing their determination. Presently. there are about about 66 backpacking inns in Singapore. The sum of inns is increasing steadily to provide to the lifting Numberss of tourers in Singapore for inaugural events such as the recent F1 race. In general. it is comparatively easy to come in the market due to low barriers of entries. However. the repute of the backpacker inn is one of import factor that enables the hotel to last. Therefore. to guarantee the success of the inn. proprietors will hold to guarantee that it is non lone monetary value competitory. it besides must be comparable in footings of repute. This proposed hotel will be able to prolong due to lifting popularity low cost bearers. Peoples are now runing for the cheapest ticket in the market alternatively of call offing their trips. At the same clip. to let travelers to pass more on the activities that tend
to involvement them more such as nutrient and shopping. The proposed budget hotel will be able to supply travelers with a proper and comfy adjustment without holding them to pass excessively much during their stay in Singapore. 2. Proposed Backpacker Hotel

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3. 3. Vision
To be known as an low-cost hotel supplier of that aims to make a personalize experience for each guest 3. 4. Mission
To make a homely ambiance within the hotel matching with friendly and warm staff members As mentioned in the Vision and Mission. the proposed hotel aims to make a “it feels like home” feeling for its invitees. Apart from holding the basic necessities in the hotel. the hotel will supply assorted activities such as free Wi-Fi. board and computing machine games for hotel invitees to loosen up and bask themselves. 3. 5. Backpacker Hotel Plan

3. 6. 1. Location
Location is one of the of import factors in which travelers consider when taking a hotel apart from monetary value and the given reappraisals. The proposed backpacker hotel should be located near the MRT station leting other parts of the state to be accessible. The direction has narrowed down to two pick locations for the hotel. * Along Old Airport Road

* Chinatown
Presently. Old Airport Road lies in between Mountbatten and Dakota station. traveling is easy and convenient with the circle line. At the same clip. Old Airport Road Food Centre is well-known amongst the locals for its assortment of nutrient available from Singapore’s popular dishes such as seafood. coal kway teow and fried carrot cake to western pasta. Travelers are able to happen nutrient near the hotel every bit good as venture into the east side countries such as Geylang and Paya Lebar for more nutrient picks. For the ladies who intend to shop on a budget before heading off to their following finish or merely for pure shopping intents. travelers can see Bugis Street where is celebrated for its inexpensive deals and nutrient. Chinatown. our 2nd pick. is located near the bosom of metropolis where Clarke Quay and City Hall are located severally. Chinatown is besides celebrated for its assortment of nutrient and shopping deals. Furthermore. Chinatown is besides rich in its heritage that allows hotel invitees to make some rubber-necking if they are acute to research. 3. 6. 2. Clean Adjustment

Supplying and keeping clean adjustment and comfortss are the basic demands of a good hotel. Cleaning of suites will be done one time a twenty-four hours ( unless the invitees specified non to ) and the corridors of the hotel will be cleaned daily every bit good. 3. 6. 3. “Chill-lax. it feels like home” Atmosphere Besides supplying adjustment. the hotel aims to make a homely and chill-lax ambiance and environment where travelers are able to loosen up and bask themselves. The following are mentions taken from other backpacking hotels which are able to give us a feeling on how the hotel should look like. Making a “Chill-lax” and warm ambiance:

Fig 2. Taken from The RuckSack Inn 2
Fig 1. Taken from The Matchbox Concept Hostel Facebook page

For those who would wish to maintain in touch with their household members via the cyberspace. the hotel will supply free Wi-Fi services enabling them to make so. Fig 4. Taken from RuckSack Inn 2
Fig 3. Taken from Citybackpackers

Travelers who came as a group can besides stay indoors of the hotel as games such as Guitar Hero and board games. Fig. 5 & A ; 6. Both images taken from A Beary Good Hostel Facebook page

3. 6. 4. “Be a Singaporean for a day” Tour
In Singapore. travelers normally visit tourists’ hot musca volitanss in the town countries such as Orchard Road and City Hall. non the heartlands. Therefore. the proposed hotel will supply a circuit. leting travelers to see the heartlands where at that place good nutrient and shopping hangouts. The circuit will be a “free-and-easy” construct where the circuit usher and travelers will take typical public conveyance such as trains and coachs to research the suburbs of Singapore. The circuit will be customized consequently to the guests’ requests together with a few “must-try” or “must-go” topographic points. with the whole intent of doing feel like a Singaporean after sing non-conventional countries. This circuit is targeted chiefly at invitees who are sing Singapore for the first clip and those who are interested in embarking beyond Orchard Road and other tourists’ hot spots and into the heartland. Fig. 4 Bak Chor Mee @ Balestier Food Centre

Fig. 3 City Plaza Shopping Centre

3. Competitive Edge against Existing Backpacker Hotels
The proposed hotel chief merchandising point will be a full bundle of clean adjustment and installations with the add-on service “Be a Singaporean for a day” circuit. which aims to make a different going experience every bit compared to the typical proviso of hotel and adjustment services and its location where nutrient is close by. In stead of our Vision. the hotel’s ultimate purpose is to be able to handle and interact with all invitees every bit if as they are friends. particularly invitees who are sing Singapore for the first clip doing the hotel to be different from others as we place high accent on supplying good and individualized service despite being a backpacker hotel. Our closest rival presently will be the Drop Inn who presently names its room consequently to the vicinity names such as Ang Mo Kio. Bishan and Orchard. with the purpose for travelers to go forth Singapore with some sense of the country’s geographics and names of the assorted roads. However. our hotel would wish to stress more on travelers acquiring to cognize more about the other parts of Singapore other than the conventional tourists’ hot musca volitanss.

The circuit provided will be a budgeted but yet supply a whole new different experience alternatively of simply giving them a stating invitees that these roads do be in Singapore and non demoing them around to let invitees to derive first-hand experience of a “true-blue” Singaporean. Matching the personalized circuit will be the clean and plain adjustment provided by this hotel. The decor and ambiance of the hotel will be on par and comparable to the current bing Backpackers hotels as shown above ( Fig 1 and 2 ) to give off a “chill-lax” environment leting them to idle around in the hotel if want to. Besides that. the hotel’s adjustment and installations will be on par or even better than the bing hotels. However. the hotel will be stressing greatly on the cleanliness of all the suites and bathrooms of the hotel. Cleanliness if one of the of import factors in which travelers look for in a hotel. With the addition use of the cyberspace. reappraisals of a hotel greatly influence the determination of a traveler. Therefore. great accent on cleanliness is one factors matching with the circuit that gives the proposed hotel a competitory advantage over existing hotels. Apart from the bundle of being a clean. homely hotel which treats all its invitees every bit if as they are friends by demoing them around Singapore. location is besides a factor in which differentiates the proposed hotel from the other backpacking hotels. Located along Old Airport Road. Old Airport Road Food Centre is simply a few stairss off.

Old Airport Road Food Centre is one of the local nutrient oasiss well-known by the locals and celebrated for its big assortment of nutrient. Furthermore. the nutrient Centre is opened till about 2 a. m. which will be the most convenient topographic point for invitees to travel for supper to fulfill their tummy cravings. Since Singapore is well-known as a nutrient oasis. Old Airport Road is one of the must-try and less conventional countries where good and low-cost nutrient can be found. At the same clip. with the new circle line in topographic point. conveyance is simply a few stairss off where Stationss Mountbatten and Dakota are located. The metropolis is simply 5 – 6 stops off where Raffles City and Suntec City are located. 4. Identify Operationss

Since the hotel’s key merchandising points are the “coming home” experience where invitees feel at place and the location of hotel. the undermentioned below are the cardinal operations of the hotel where we. as the direction. will be looking into: * Sourcing for the Ideal Location and & A ; Procuring the Relevant License to Operate * Design & A ; Supplying

* Cleanliness Maintenance of Proposed Backpacker Hotel * “Be a Singaporean for a day” circuit
5. 6. Sourcing for the Ideal Location & A ; Procuring the Relevant Licenses to Operate Old Airport Road is located in the heartlands Singapore. Unlike the locations of current bing hotels. it is a residential country where no hotels are being apparatus. Therefore. in order to run the hotel. the direction will hold to either purchase 3 – 4 narratives of a HDB flat or buying the land that presently holds the substructure of an old primary school near the country or construct the hotel from abrasion on the big field located nearby Old Airport Road Food Centre. Buying these units will be indispensable to avoid paying over inordinate rent and enforcing any signifier of limitations to the interior decor of the hotel. It is presently more executable to construct purchase the land where the old primary school is at. ground being. there are people populating in these flat blocks of flats which will be hard and troublesome to resign these occupants for the exclusive intent of the hotel and due to the bing substructure of the old school that the direction can do usage of.

Furthermore. costs will be one immense factor in which the direction has to see as taking over these many flats in the block would intend counterbalancing the occupants. However. in order to procure the secret plan of land. the direction will hold to seek the blessing of the Urban Redevelopment of Authority ( URA ) to do accommodations to the outside of the edifice and the milieus to give the hotel a vibrant and merriment image. Besides the outside and procuring the location needed. the direction will hold to get the relevant licences before it can run. It is recommended that the direction get these licences through an external bureau as they are familiar with the relevant processs and licences required for the operation of a backpacker hotel. In order to guarantee that the external bureau is dependable. the direction will guarantee that the external bureau is certified by the Singapore authorities. The direction will besides be following closely of the advancement of the license application and to confer with the relevant governments before leting the bureaus to manage the geting of the operation licences.

It will still be more effectual to prosecute these bureaus at the terminal because as a fledgling into the industry. the direction is still a green horn towards the “dos” and “don’ts” within the industry. In the average clip. the direction can to get down to explicate the ideal interior program for the hotel. In the event where the geting of the licences does non fall through. the direction intends to take on the undermentioned eventuality program. Food is one of the high spots for most travelers in Singapore. and the chief ground to why the direction are suggesting to construct the hotel within Old Airport Road country due to Old Airport Road Food Centre. The direction will travel with our 2nd pick of relocating the proposed backpacker hotel to Chinatown.

As mentioned in 2. 3. 1. Chinatown is surrounded by nutrient oasiss such as Amoy Street Food Centre and Maxwell Food Centre. invitees of the hotel can handily head to these nutrient Centres for good and low-cost nutrient. However. since Chinatown is located near the Central Business District ( CBD ) . such nutrient Centres are frequently near at the terminal of dinner. Travelers will non be able to happen a convenient topographic point for supper if it were to involvement them. Fortunately. Chinatown is besides surrounded by store houses where it will be comparatively easy to happen a infinite for the proposed hotel and addition blessing for the infinite itself. Without a proper infinite. there is no manner the backpacker hotel will go a world. After procuring a infinite at either one of the management’s picks. the direction can continue to restitute and tweak its programs consequently to accommodate the architecture of the edifice. 5. 7. Design and Supplying

The interior design of the hotel is one of the factors in which the direction emphasizes. The direction stresses the importance of leting invitees to be able to loosen up and “chill” within the hotel. Therefore. the interior design of the hotel will be designed and furnished personally by the direction of the hotel to keep the thought and the merchandising point of the hotel. The direction intends to prosecute a redevelopment house specializing in both architecture and interior design for the intent of consulting of the feasibleness of the intended design of the proposed backpacker hotel. The direction intends to take between these two redevelopment houses after unit of ammunitions of extended research: i. i-bridge Design

two. Vogue Design Place
i-bridge Design is presently the management’s first pick. Known for planing HDB’s first condo manner flats. i-Bridge interior manner is merriment and yet sophisticated. Bing an experient redevelopment house. i-Bridge is able to rede and restitute the hotel consequently or even better than the ideal design that the direction has in head. Bing able approached by HDB to plan its flats reflects the company’s duty and dependability. which farther supports the management’s pick of being the redevelopment company for the proposed backpacker hotel. In the event where i-Bridge is unable to carry through the management’s outlooks. Vogue Design Place will be the management’s 2nd pick to restitute the hotel. Vogue Design Place has straight path record of planing upmarket residential countries such as The Claymore and The Pier. With their sophisticated designs. and dependable path record. which are one of the grounds why the direction chose this redevelopment house. However. it remained as the management’s 2nd pick due to its path record of holding more modern-day. posh and upmarket while the image the proposed backpacker’s hotel intends to be vivacious. cheery but yet maintaining the “chill-lax” feel within the hotel. For the furniture facet. the direction has decided to purchase the majority of the furniture from IKEA.

IKEA provides a broad scope of furniture in which designs are originative. sophisticated and low-cost. Therefore. leting the proposed backpacker hotel to bask the best of both universes of holding nice furniture at an low-cost scope. With interior design being ready. the direction can now officially enforce policies and procedure flow of the hotel to guarantee that cleanliness and good service is maintained during the normal operations of the hotel. 5. 8. Cleanliness Maintenance of Proposed Backpacker Hotel The direction intends to put high accent on cleanliness care within the proposed backpacker hotel. Overall cleanliness of the hotel such as basic cleansing of the corridors of the hotel and cleansing of suites ( if specified by the client ) will be done one time a twenty-four hours. Cleaning will be done in the twenty-four hours. presuming that clients will non be about in their suites. for the intent of leting invitees to retire and rest in the hotel with a clean and comfy environment.

The direction will hold to calculate the sum of tools and manpower the hotel required to keep the high criterion of cleanliness throughout the twenty-four hours till the return of the invitees. Besides that. the direction will hold to come up with a systematic but yet flexible agenda where employees who are in-charge of cleansing can follow without interfering with the activities of the invitees and guaranting cleanliness at the same clip. This factor is a pre-requisite in which travelers expect a good backpacker hotel should hold. It will non be a big differentiating point for the proposed hotel. However. the distinguishing point in which distinguishes the proposed hotel with bing hotels is that besides offering clean and comfy adjustment. the proposed hotel aims to handle and interact with every invitee every bit if as they are their friends who have come to see them from abroad. Therefore. conveying us to our last factor. the “Be a Singaporean for a Day Tour” . 5. 9. “Be a Singaporean for a Day” Tour

Before implementing this circuit in topographic point. the direction and all employees of the hotel will hold to make extended research and readying work to happen topographic points which are alone and un-conventional topographic points in Singapore avoiding tourists’ hot spots. Employees will revolve to move as ushers for this circuit. Guides will hold to urge and convey invitees to 3 different topographic points depending on their penchants and docket ; nevertheless 1 of the topographic points will hold to be a sightseeing country or leisure country. For case. Guest A is a nutrient overzealous and wants to seek different types of nutrient in Singapore. In this instance. the usher will hold to urge 2 different nutrient countries ( e. g. Old Airport Road Food Centre and Maxwell Food Centre ) and 1 sightseeing country ( e. g. the Peranakan Museum ) or a topographic point of leisure ( e. g. shopping for inexpensive deals. City Plaza ) to Guest A. In order for plan to be successful. the direction will hold to cultivate working environment in such a manner where employees are free to research Singapore on a regular footing to detect new and interesting topographic points.

Furthermore. there should be a hebdomadal meeting where employees are to portion with all the employees and direction the topographic points explored and found. By making so. it will let employees to portion cognition which will profit the plan and to cultivate a good working relationship amongst employees. Guests who wish to take part in this circuit will hold to come up with about $ 30 – $ 100 each ( depending on the petitions of the invitees and the topographic points where the circuit usher intends to convey them consequently ) to pay for conveyance. nutrient and even attractive forces if requested from the invitees.

The lone job with this circuit is the unpredictable reactions of the invitees with respect to the topographic points recommended by the ushers. Guests may non be happy with the result of the recommendations as they may hold higher outlooks merely because there is a usher conveying them about. However. the direction feels that this is non a large job because ushers will hold to inform and propose the recommended topographic points to the invitees. The usher will merely continue for the circuit after the guest’s blessing. Therefore. the invitee will non hold any ground to blame the usher for proposing and urging the topographic points to see. 5. Decision

Overall. the direction hopes to construct a backpacker hotel that provides a clean and comfy environment for invitees to remain and loosen up. At the same clip. it besides aims to handle all hotel invitees as friends to demo them around Singapore. particularly if it is their first clip sing the state.


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