Baby Chicks Essay

Right after they hatch, baby chicks know to run away from hawks. Their parents don’t teach them or do anything to help them learn. It is simply instinctual for them to run away from hawks. Humans respond to archetypes in literature Just as the chick responds to the hawk, through the “collective unconscious”. One may not know what archetypes are, but can still identify them. Frye explained archetypes as symbols that occur often enough in literature that people can recognize them. Humans can easily identify these in all types of stories. For example, there is the “damsel in distress” and the “prince”.

Some others are the “hero”, “villain”, and the “wise old man”. In The Lion King, the character Raffle can be seen as fitting the archetype of the “wise old man”. Another example is Goethe, in Tangled. She is the “villain” in the story of Raptures. Identifying archetypes is much like Campbell baby chick phenomenon. He noticed that newly born baby chicks know that hawks are dangerous and that they should run away. This knowledge is almost instinctual, in the fact that the chicks haven’t learned anything from their arenas or other chickens.

Humans identify archetypes Just like these baby chicks hide from hawks. People automatically notice these reoccurring characteristics unconsciously. One may not be aware that they have identified archetypes, but once someone learns about them, they realize that they have recognized archetypes. The “archetypal patterns that the writer has drawn forward along the tensed structural wires of his or her masterpieces” are Just like the baby chicks. The archetypes Embrace in such a way that a sympathetic resonance is set off deep within the deader”.

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This means that noticing archetypes is so deep inside us that we recognize them unconsciously, Just like the baby chicks run away from the hawks. Observing archetypes unconsciously ties humans together. Archetypes are something that everyone around the world shares. You can see the ideas of princes and princesses in stories that originate from countries across the globe. These patterns bring humans together by sharing the same characteristics in all kinds of different stories. Humans are Just like baby chicks in the way that we know things through the elective unconscious.

We identify archetypes unconsciously, Just like baby chicks know what to do when a hawk flies over them. Archetypes bring humans together because everyone understands and can recognize them. Without archetypes, people might not be able to connect like we connect today. It would shorten our understanding of each other and make it harder to communicate and relate to each other. If there weren’t archetypes, our lives and experiences would be very different than they are now. Baby Chicks By goshawk


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