AVP Concept Paper Essay

There will be four interviewees; two of those will be talking about their childhood. The other two will be a parent and a psychiatrist or psychologist. Voice oversees will be used to furthermore the understanding of the viewers Background music and graphics will also be used to give off more drama to the project and to also state facts and numbers. K Kids now a day have somehow withdrawn themselves from how generations before hem likely spend their spare time to busying themselves with technology.

Estimated Total Running Time: 3 minutes l. Opening Billboard or BOB: 20 sees -Title of the project -Other info/logo II. Introduction: 15 sees – a brief clip showing a kid holding an pad/phone while silhouettes of others kids playing is being shown Ill. Reveal the solution: 20 sees technology and how it may affect them ‘V. Details & Specification: 30 sees -Interviews from the ass’s and ass’s kids; to how their childhood is different to the enervation today and what they do on their spare time back then V.

Special Features 20 sees: – an interview from the parent/s of the ass’s kid and to how it affects their child in terms of his personality or how he works with daily doings. VI. Summary (running time – seconds or minutes) -facts and numbers will be shown to support the statement of the psychiatrist/ psychologist present in this project VI’. Conclusion” -A brief advice to how entice kids into leaving their technology behind and to enjoy their childhood. V. Closing Billboard or CB : – End credits

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