Autobiography – My Most Terrifying Moment Essay

I was the kind of child who at an early age was keen to learn new things and loved watching T.V. And because I loved watching T.V., I now wear glasses. I learnt quite a lot when I was very young, such as counting and the names of shapes. But I never learnt where I came from, which I would learn a lot later.

I liked to talk and sing songs, such as nursery rhymes, which I wouldn’t dream of singing now. I also had fights with my little brother, which would end in him crying and me getting hit. And the hits hurt. So I cried as well.

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I used to have strange beliefs such as India was in the clouds because we went in an aeroplane to get there and aeroplanes go into the sky. I didn’t think that we landed back on the ground. I also believed that if I swallowed chewing gum, then it would get stuck in my throat and would block the air I was breathing in, so I would choke to death. Another weird belief I had was that characters on T.V. were actually inside my T.V. set, acting their parts. These beliefs are bizarre, but at an early age, you don’t really know what is happening around the world so you create your own world with your beliefs and superstitions.

I used to believe in those imaginary beings such as Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, but then again who doesn’t? These would be forgotten, obviously. But I always tried to wake up at midnight to see if Santa Claus came, and I put my hand under the pillow to see if the Tooth Fairy stepped on my hand. However, I never knew they came until the next day when the treats were there.

I didn’t believe in those bad imaginary beings such as the Bogeyman, because I wasn’t afraid. I only liked to believe in things that would help me. Now I don’t believe in anything imaginary, because they are, after all, imaginary, aren’t they?

I wasn’t really afraid of anything so I did stupid things like rolling down the stairs and jumping off them. I would never dream of rolling down the stairs now, after all I might get hurt.

However, I think and dream of how wonderful life would be with those imaginary beings, even the bad ones, and how boring life really is.

My Most Terrifying Moment

It was on the date of eighteenth September nineteen ninety four that I suffered my most terrifying moment. It occurred in a dream. Well actually, a nightmare. I was only 4. It wasn’t the scariest of nightmares. It wasn’t as if my family was dead or a monster ate me up. It was mysterious and dark. This is what happened in that terrifying ordeal:

I was looking at my mother, a baby she was holding and her friends. The baby was me. The place was like Eden, filled with plants and rainbows which stretched across the bright blue sky. The sun was blazing with happiness. Insects could be heard buzzing. Rivers were slowly flowing serenely. Everything was perfect.

Suddenly my mother and her friends disappeared, leaving me and the baby me alone. The baby me started to cry. The sky darkened. The trees withered into sticks. The rivers dried up. I was scared, but worse was yet to come.

I heard that noise the red Indians make. I looked to where the sound was coming from. About 500m away, a black figure was running around the place. It was circling us. The baby me started to cry more and more. The figure was getting closer, closer, the sound getting louder, louder…

I woke up. I cried. My mother came to comfort me. I thought that that would be the end of it. But I had that nightmare a further three times, crying more and more until one day when that nightmare vanished, and I had wonderful dreams about sweets and T.V.

So my most terrifying moment didn’t happen in the world we live in, but the world inside my head.

The Time I Got In Most Trouble (Pastiche)

It was on the date of twenty seventh March nineteen ninety eight that I suffered the worst trouble I had ever been in. The thing is, it wasn’t even my fault.

My aunt came to pick my cousin sister, my brother and me from school. We walked home, my aunt and me on one side of the road and my brother and cousin sister on the other.

The bullet from the gun smashed into the air. I leapt up from my position and ran. I glanced to the side and saw in distress that my opponents were beating me. I had to win gold, I had to. My eyes focused on the finish line ahead. My heart beats grew louder and louder. I was winning!

“Stop!” my auntie yelled with terror. I turned back to her and saw her looking at the road with wide eyes. I spun around.

The two cheetahs leapt, their golden fur glistening in the midday sun. The poacher screeched his 4×4 to a halt, watching in complete astonishment. The cheetahs got back o their feet and scampered away into the savannah.

“Thank you,” said my aunt to the driver, who nodded his head and drove off. My aunt turned on us.

“What do you think you were doing? You could have been killed! Thank god that driver stopped. Why did you two run?” She hissed in anger at my cousin and brother.

“He ran first,” my cousin sister pointed at me. “He was going to take the remote.” They were both ashamed. I was enraged. How was it my fault that they nearly died?

We marched into the prison, hand cuffed and distressed. The police woman kept hissing words of disgust at us. I looked at the floor. The prison was grimy and murky. Other convicts looked at us with a deep, cold fury in their eyes.

“And they ran across the road. Oh thank that driver,” my aunt told my uncle. He looked at us, angry and disappointed at the same time.

Later that day, I went to my house. As expected, I had a good shout and nag from my mother. My brother looked like he was going to cry. Then I heard my father’s voice.

“Come Here,” said he. I awkwardly stumbled towards him.

My brother and I clung our swords to our hearts. We went into the black cave. As we moved deeper into the lair, the blackness transformed into a fiery orange. Then came the moment that we both dreaded. When we turned the next corner, I saw a pair of green eyes filled with blistering hatred. On top of those eyes were jagged horns flashing against the vivid blaze. The dragon opened its mouth and roared an arsenal of furious scorching flames. We held up our only defence, the shields. The fire smashed into them like water on rock. Our shields would not last much longer. Two more launches of perilous inferno had our barriers smashed, and the only defence was attack. I held my glistening sword higher. But the dragon swung its mighty tail and shattered my brother’s leg and mine. We fell. It was too much. I could see the green eyes of the dragon ablaze in scorching revulsion. I shut my eyes tight.

“And if you run across the road again, if the driver doesn’t kill you, I will!” My father bellowed. He left the room. I stared at my brother, who was crying, with blistering hatred. I just got hit for no reason at all. It wasn’t my fault.

So the time when I got in most trouble was for something I didn’t even do, although maybe if I didn’t run in the first place, none of this would have happened.

The Time I Was Most Excited (Script)

Setting: Thorpe Park

Date: fifteenth August two thousand and one

Vasanth, his brother Vishnu, his mother, his father, his cousin sister Ananthi and her mother and father are in the theme park. Vasanth is eyeing a new roller coaster.

Vasanth: Mum, can I go on that roller coaster?

Ananthi: Yeah!

Vishnu: I’m not going

Mum: You will upset your stomachs and throw up

Vasanth: Mum, please! I really want to go on it, it’s Nemesis Inferno! It’s new!

Mum: Should they go?

Looks at Aunt

Aunt: Ananthi you will get a stomach ache. You’re all too young

Ananthi: Please! It says we have to be that tall!

She gestures at the height sign

Ananthi: See! I’m tall enough

Mum: If your dads say yes, then you can go, but one of them has to come with you

Vasanth and Ananthi: Ok

Vishnu: But I don’t want to go! I want to go on the bumper cars!

Vasanth and Ananthi (whispering): Chicken!

Mum: Ok, let’s go

Aunt: You two, be careful

Vasanth and Ananthi: We will

Mum, Aunt and Vishnu go to the bumper cars. Vasanth and Ananthi go and find their dads. They are eating at a burger bar.

Vasanth: Dad, can we go on that roller coaster

He gestures at the nemesis inferno

Dad: What did mum say?

Vasanth: She said to come and ask you

Dad: Ok, you can go

Vasanth: But you have to come with us

Dad gives Vasanth a raised eyebrow.

Dad: If you want to go, then you go. I’m not coming

Vasanth: But then we can’t go!

Dad: Ask uncle

Ananthi looks at her dad with pleading eyes.

Ananthi: Can you come with us dad?

Uncle: Wait. Let me eat my chips, and then we can go

Vasanth and Ananthi: Yes!!!!

Uncle finishes and the three go to the roller coaster queue. Vasanth is excited. He can feel his heart beat thumping harder, like a huge, approaching drum, as he gets closer and closer to the huge black horse which gallops with immense speed around the track.

Vasanth: We’re nearly there!

Finally it is their turn. They get on and fasten their seat belts. Vasanth’s heart beats are like smashes of thunder, loud and ferocious. He is very excited, like the rest. Then, the ride starts.

Vasanth: Here we go!

The cart ascends. Then it stops. It peers down into the murky depth below. Then it descends.

Vasanth, Ananthi and Uncle: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

The cart descends with colossal speed. It goes up again and does some loops. It goes underground too. Vasanth, Ananthi and Uncle are screaming. They are truly terrified, but excited at the same time. Vasanth’s thunder beats are getting louder, though he can’t hear it because he is surrounded by screams. He can feel a drum stick thumping his ribs.

Vasanth, Ananthi and Uncle: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

After a heart pounding, eye popping, breath gasping 2 minutes, the ride finally comes to an end. Vasanth, Ananthi and Uncle are thrilled by the ride.

Vasanth: Let’s go again!

Uncle: No we have to go home now. What a ride! I was screaming and everything

Vasanth: So was I

Ananthi: That was wicked, the best rollercoaster ever!

They walk off to find the others so they can head home. Vasanth is still stunned by the ride. That was his most exciting moment, on his first real rollercoaster.

My Most Embarrassing Moment

It was on the date of third June two thousand and four that I suffered my most embarrassing moment. It was in a P.E lesson, and we found out that we were doing the high jump. Everyone groaned, but I was dreading it inside, for I knew that I would mess up. So came the first jump, and I made that easily. The second was easy as well.

Then came the third jump. The nervousness was sweating out of me, but it seemed that the sweat was clinging onto my temple. I ran, and then stopped. I was too nervous. The crowd was cheering me on, but I didn’t think that would help. So I said to myself, “Ok I can do this.” So I ran and jumped- and just made it!

I was thrilled that I had made it and believed that I could make the next one. All the sweat vanished. I ran. Suddenly a bead of nervous sweat crept onto my temple. I jumped. And tripped. And instead of going over the bar, SMASH! I smashed my head onto the vertical pole.

It didn’t really hurt but I was really embarrassed, especially when a boy shorter than me had made it. My friends laughed and teased me. I wasn’t really angry at them, it was my own fault. So my most embarrassing moment occurred in the School Sports Hall doing the high jump.

My Happiest Moment

It was on the date of eleventh July two thousand and four that I enjoyed my happiest moment.

It was a sunny day, a typical July Saturday morning. The sun was peeping behind the clouds. I was in my house, sitting by the computer and playing a game, The Lord of The Rings: The Return of The King. Suddenly I heard a metallic noise and something falling to the ground. It was the post. As usual, I didn’t care. But then I heard a cry.

“Vasanth, it’s your SATs results!” My mother shrieked.

I paused my game and ran down the stairs in excitement and nervousness. What if I had done really badly? I looked at my mothers face, but she shook your head.

“It’s not your results, it’s Vishnu Nair’s,” my mother said.

“I’ll go and give it to him,” I told her, “He might have mine.”

So I set off in my journey to obtain my SATs results. The sun was out now, and was beating down my bare neck. I trekked to the house of lost results, and soon I reached it.

I rang the doorbell and waited with beats of my heart. I wanted to know my results. Vishnu opened the door.

“Here are your results man,” I told him. “Has mine come to your house?”

“No,” he said. “But if they do, I’ll come and give them to you.”

“Ok,” I said. “Thanks.”

So I walked back to my house in disappointment. My name got mixed up with Vishnu’s because we had the same initials. But they should have been more careful, with something as delicate and important as the KS3 SATs results. So I got home and went back to my game. After I finished that particular level, I decided to play FIFA 2004.

Suddenly I heard the door bell. The sound echoed into my ear drum. And I knew it was time.

I ran downstairs and opened the door. Sure enough, Vishnu was waiting there- with my results! He gave it to me and we exchanged byes and good lucks. Then I went to my mother and brother, also called Vishnu, and showed them the envelope.

“It is time.”

I peeled open the envelope and picked out a paper. I had the paper in my hand. I was too nervous to open it. My heart was in my mouth. My knees were suddenly disjointed and loose. But I had to open it. Carefully, I folded out the paper and stared at the letters and numbers written on it.

My eyes bulged. In shock. I looked at the results and- cheered! I had achieved 877-the highest possible levels! I showed it to my mum and she hugged me. My brother was also pleased and inspired. When my whole family found out, we had a party. I wasn’t expected to get a 7 in English; I got a 5 for the mocks in English. But now I got a 7. And also an 8 for Maths and a 7 for Science. I was truly happy, and now believe that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything. So my happiest moment was when I found out my SATs results for KS3.


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