Attendance Code or “Quick Response Code” is

Attendance of teachers has directly related to student
result: the more teachers are absent, the more their students’ accomplishment suffers.
When teachers are absent 10 days, the decrease in student accomplishment is
identical to the gap between having a brand new teacher and one with two or
three years more experience. Worse yet, a number of studies have found there to
be a disproportionately high rate of teacher absenteeism in schools serving low
income and minority students, providing yet another obstacle to closing the
accomplishment gap (Nithya, Nancy and Daniel 2014).QR Code or “Quick Response
Code” is a type of barcode that consists of a printed square pattern of black
and white squares that encode data which can be scanned into a computer system.
The black and white squares can represent numbers from 0-9, letters from A-Z,
or characters in Japanese “Kanji” (Gregersen 2012).

The QR Code, also known as “Quick Response Code” is a
two-dimensional “2D” digital image that can be easily scanned by any mobile
devices that has a scanner app. Once scanned, it will quickly direct to the
data or information that embedded from the code. Today, the QR code has gained
a major commercial popularity due to mobile technology. The penetration rate of
mobile devices has increased from 15.6% (2001) to 74.9% (2010) globally
(Narang, Jain & Roy, 2012).

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monitoring has been recognized as an important element in supporting both
faculty and students performance. Regular checking of attendance has been a
school requirement for them to know how they perform in schools.

if the faculty members have failed to attend or absence in class can result in
some serious consequences in the student’s study or future.

absenteeism can affect the future performance of colleges and educational
institutions. Reports from studies performed in colleges suggest a positive
connection between faculty attendance and academic performance of colleges.
Increased faculty accessibility through technology-enabled faculty attendance
monitoring system is contributing factors to the academic success of colleges

Studies said that time and attendance software reduces the risk
of human error. In fact, Time and Attendance software shown to have the
accuracy rate of more than 99% versus manual system by eliminating errors in
data entry and calculations (Wood 2011).

It goes without saying that
attendance is a fundamentally important part of education – it does not really
work without it. Educational organizations need a trusted way of recording
school attendance, not only so they can monitor students with poor attendance
records, but also so they can be certain of who is on-site in an emergency (Taylor2015).

The QR code has made their way to the local. The main purpose
of the QR code is directing the user to a particular link. They have become
very popular among the mobile users. Smartphones come at very much affordable
prices because of which almost every person on the planet has a mobile phone
which also includes the student’s populations (Madhuri D., 2015).

QR Code also enabled automated work processes without
intervention, and are widely developed because they are fast and accurate,
eliminate many errors and often save time. QR Code is capable of representing
the data clearly and effectively which are the optical machine-readable
representation of data. The amount of digital information in ID. QR Code is
limited and these bars are less error-free. Data rate could be simply increased
by increasing the number of barcodes digits or by laying out multiple barcodes.
QR- Quick Response codes are one among the most powerful barcodes. Although it
was initially developed for ship tracking now they are widely used in the most
application like product tracking, person identification, etc.(M. Querini,

Most of the seminars at university or at any other
organizations required to have to check attendance list for their participant.
From this way, teachers and students can register their name for a specified
seminar at the same time that they attend in the seminar hall, this new
technique can be done by using QR code image scanner and Mobile Smart Phone,
which scan the displayed QR code image on the seminars (MiranHikmat, 2015).

QR codes are starting to show up all over. Also called
two-dimensional codes, these bar-code-analogs allow users with a smartphone app
to zip over to a web page or to get special information right on the phone. For
instance, this banana has a QR code that reports that the product is organic.
This is really just an artsy thing-its more practical to put a sticker that
says “organic” on a banana than a QR code (Ann LeQuang, 2015).

When it comes to taking the public transportation, time and
patience are of the essence. In other words, many people using public transport
buses have experienced time loss because of waiting at the bus stops, in this
paper, the proponents proposed a smart bus tracking system that any passenger with
a smartphone or mobile device with the QR code reader can scan QR codes placed
at bus stop to view estimated bus arrival times, buses current locations, and
bus routes on a map. Anyone can access these maps and have the option to sign
up to receive free alerts about expected bus arrivals times for interested
buses and related routes via SMS and e-mails (AhmetSayar, 2014).

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that encodes
information. A standard QR code contains only regular black and white squares
and thus is unattractive. This paper proposes a novel framework for
embellishing a standard QR code, to make both attractive and recognizable by
any human while maintaining its scalability. The proposed method is inspired by
artistic methods. A QR code is typically embellished by stylizing the squares
and embedding images into it (Bing-Yu Chen, 2013).

According to (Peter Kiesberg, n.d) because of their high
information density and robustness, QR codes have gained popularity in various
fields of application. Even though QR Codes offer a broad range of advantages,
QR codes can based attacks have been reported in the media, only a little research
has been conducted in this field and almost no attention has been paid on the
interplay of security and human-computer interaction.

Sid and Boris said that the QR Codes may presage other
application that uses mobile devices to decode information. Already one popular
mobile application interprets the music signature of a song it “hears” and
provides the name of the work and artist. New applications might read
photographs and employ face-recognition of technology to provide a name and
related data or identify a pictured object and direct users to online resources
about it. The technology may evolve so that data embedded in a QR code can be
interpreted differently by different viewers; that is, passwords or biometric
data might open more data to some authorized users, or viewer signatures may
unlock different information set.

According to Morgan Kaufmann, The QR code is applied quickly
and widely in education. We employ framework to address the problem of scanning
QR code in adaptive examination approach. Many scholars indicated that QR code
has many potential benefits for learning purposes. There are two main processes
encoding and decoding. The user entered data is encoded into the QR code image
that QR image is captured through the java enabled mobile camera device and
then information is retrieved through the decoding process (Morgan Kaufmann,

According to Diego D. Students experiencing difficulty with
their studies don’t often identify themselves as students in need of support.
In this paper, we describe how we used QR codes to help track class attendance.
While our existing online card swiping attendance tracing system was suitable
for small class sizes, using QR codes for attendance tracing proved to be
suitable for larger.

According to (Cedrick Lloyd Abaton, Maynard Garcia, Joem
Malamug, Godfrey Uniana 2015) said that with the assist of an attendance
system, institutions and other organizations can save time and money. When we
speak about an attendance management system it is not specifically only for
schools or companies. It can be used everywhere where people in large number
work. Apart from saving time it also helps in saving money for the organization
which was otherwise lost in monitoring, tracking and updating information.

According to (McDowell 2015). Said that using student QR
codes for recording attendance is an astonishingly easy way to smooth one of
the most chaotic times in your gym. Your personnel won’t fear the madness of
getting every student checked inaccurately because a manual operation is now
one that is automated.

Furthermore (McDowell, 2015). Also said that QR code is very
effective for parents and for your workers because QR code attendance works
with your class management software.

Users are obsessed with their mobile devices
due to its interactive attributes. Multimedia plays significant roles on why
people keep on utilizing their mobile technologies to collect information
through combine text with video, animation, audio, graphics and virtual
reality. Multimedia elements are saved in a Quick Response(QR)codes; a
two-dimensional barcode application that saved information in Uniform Resource
Locator(URL) or other multimedia format(Rochelle D. Pacio, 2014).

The Urdaneta City University is an institution that aims
to provide a life-long knowledge to the students of their chosen fields of

Presently, the
Urdaneta City University has the existing processes of attendance used by the
teachers and students which they use papers and print out every day as
attendance sheet, a combination of a computerized and a manual process. The
process is known to be tedious on the part of the teachers because the pen and
signing in attendance are truly consuming time and resources.

The researchers proposed this
system for possibly lessen the massive printing of documents on every week for
the classroom. And for a real-time posting of attendance and lessen the
expenses of the campus. Every room is provided with a card containing a unique
QR Code. Instructors just have to scan their cards in front of every room and
the system notes down their attendance as per dates. Each QR Code contains a
unique for instructor system then stores all the instructor’s attendance
records and generates defaulter list. This project is designed to take down instructor
attendance using QR Code. Every instructor will be having a card that contains
a unique QR Code. Each represents a unique id for all instructors.


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