Effect on human skin Essay

The more we learned about the astronomy effects on human evolution the more I came to understand how ignorant the media is. For years the media has controlled the views of society. In the past and still today the media has supported the vision that some skin tones and body weights are more valuable, beautiful, and superior to others. Skin tone is based on genes passed down from your ancestors whose skin color was affected by their exposure to IV rays emitted by the sun.

The IV rays emitted effect on human skin is dependent on many reasons. Ones altitude on earth, climate change, and gases in the atmosphere are few of many reasons of why every humans skin color is different. The bottom line is that we all have descendants that come from diverse parts of the world and skin tone has developed over time but that doesn’t make us any humans more or less equal than one another. It is a shame that the media has come to form stereotypes based on skin color when we all are humans alike.

Unfortunately, the same can be said for body weight. Today people tend to forget that weight depends on nutrients the body receives among other things. The nutrients and vitamins your body consumes depends on the food source that is available to you and is greatly dependent on the environment you live in that has been effected by astronomical forces. For example, amount of heat produced from greenhouse gases and soil altered from plate tectonics are both big influences on growth of natural food sources.

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A person who lives in a drier and hotter area is mound to have a different body type because their available food source is dissimilar to those in colder and more humid regions. Overall, I think its offensive that the media has taken skin tone and weight and made them such superficial and dividing elements of physique. It doesn’t matter your weight or color, it’s the inside that is important and astronomy has helped me keep sight of that. In a greater sense it has also taught me the importance of keeping an open mind to understand society matters more deeply and gaining assorted perspectives.


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