AST introduce one of the most well-known

201 Term Project Plan


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the project, I will introduce one of the most well-known female astronomers
around the world, Annie Jump Cannon.  She
was an American born on Dec 11, 1863 in Dover, Delaware, U.S.  The most famous achievement and meaningful contribution
she brought to us was to classify hundreds of thousands stars by a unique
system called Harvard classification.  In
1880, Cannon studied physics and astronomy at Wellesley College, which is one
of the best girls’ school in the US.  After
graduation, she backed home and backed to study at Wellesley College for her master’s
degree.  In 1895, Cannon got into
Radcliffe College for her continuing studies about astronomy.  Since then, she became the assistant of
Edward C. Pickering who was the director of Harvard College Observatory.  Cannon did most of her discoveries at that observatory,
she was in charge of observatory after Pickering passed away.  Based on the color of stars and the descending
order of star’s surface temperature, Cannon created her own spectral division
as the classes of O, B, A, F, G, K, M, this kind of classification is also
called as Harvard classification. 
Eventually, Cannon classified and acquired more than 200,000 stars which
can be used widely in modern astronomy. 
Cannon was the first woman to have an honorary doctorate from University
of Oxford in 1925, furthermore, she was the first woman to receive the Henry
Draper Medal in 1931.



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