Assisted Suicide Essay

The topic I have chosen has been debated about for years. Should assisted suicide really be legal? Now this has been passionately talked about for years, much like abortion. Well, I believe in pro – choice. All people, more specifically terminally ill patients should have the right to decide whether they can continue to live on in such pain. Also, I feel there is a difference between active euthanasia and a physician assisted suicide. Lastly, I want to explain why assisted suicide should be at least one of the last options for terminally ill patients.

The terminally ill should be allowed to have the options of choosing life or death. Sure, were all taught that this is morally unacceptable, but logically speaking if the said patient or patients decide to deny the help and medication knowing the consequences that’s still a form of suicide. Death would end all unbearable suffering. The pressures of pain and therapy added with the feelings of being helpless can make some choose such an extreme option. This makes things unfortunate and sad but it’s their decision.

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This all falls into the category of pro – choice. It’s their life and some choose this option. Some would agree that there’s a difference between active euthanasia and physician assisted suicide. Most would agree that it’s much harder to kill yourself than having someone do it for you. These are the realities some face. The decision where you have the physician agree to perform such a duty. In 1997, the U. S. Supreme Court also agreed that there is a distinct difference of the two.

Most doctors who are pro – choice have admitted that such a thing was very tough considering most have morals and beliefs. In March 1998, an Oregon woman suffering from breast cancer, with help from her physician when asked physician assisted suicide. This led to physician assisted suicide to be legal in the state of Oregon after the trial that took hand finding that doctor innocent. In my opinion this proves that in some cases this could be beneficial in health care. Last but not least, I feel assisted suicide should be at least one of last ptions if the patients choose so. If they feel they tried everything they can, which includes therapy and medication, why should they not have that right? How would families feel? It would of course be something that no one wants, but it could also help them come to terms that their loved ones feel they suffered enough. It’s sad but some may come at peace with their decisions. If you are pro – choice you could come to search terms. Yes I have morals but at the same time I could understand that some just can’t bear to be sick to the point that their dying.

It’s a tough pill to swallow yes, but it’s their choice. Physician assisted suicide will always be a hot topic. I feel it will never be legal in all fifty states. Some just find it morally wrong and don’t see that as something they can justify, which is ok. I understand that, but I also understand the choices of some who do choose it. For the last time it’s their life. Some may not understand, but some will never go through such a thing. So until that happens who’s to judge?


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