Asher Lev Essay

Art is a tradition weaved throughout human history. Though it may be beautiful and pleasant to look at, there must be some other reason for its importance in humanity heritage than the pleasure received from seeing something beautiful. Pablo Picasso said, “Art is a lie which makes us realize the truth. ” This quote is used as an epigraph for Chain Pothooks My Name is Asher Level. One can never depict the exact truth, as life exists.

However, seeing the way other people observe the world can help audiences covers new perspectives, and learn how they themselves feel; thereby realizing their own truth, as demonstrated in Asher Levee’s Brooklyn Crucifixions. Any form of art is colored by its creator’s prejudice to begin with. If one were able to see it completely objectively, they would not see the exact truth and reality of the world, but the truth as the artist saw it. And no one is able to look at a piece of art completely objectively, because people necessarily bring their emotions, knowledge, and experience to whatever they’re viewing.

Each person has their own interpretation of art, therefore art lacks a universal truth. A lack of truth might make a lie. But within our analysis of art, we find our own truth. For example, there are many different truths which come to light during Usher’s exhibition of the Brooklyn Crucifixions. Asher paints them because he wants to tell the truth about his mother’s suffering. All he sees is that she has been caused extreme pain by both himself and his father, and the only aesthetic tradition in which he can properly express her feelings is in a crucifixion.

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However, his parent’s are horrified. They don’t, at first, let Asher explain why he had to paint what he did, and when he does they don’t understand it. All they know is that Asher has gone too far from their religion for them to any longer support him. He has had to make a choice between art and religion, and it is clear to them that he has chosen his art. Usher’s mother herself explains this to him on page 342. “There are limits, Asher. ‘ Her voice trembled and her eyes were wet. ‘Everything has a limit. I don’t know what to tell you.

I don’t want to talk to you now. ” Additionally, his community has come to the conclusion that Asher is no longer one of them. They no longer want to be around him, and they don’t talk to him or even make eye contact with him. He has been taken in by the sitar arch, and they don’t want to follow in his path. Because each person views art differently, there is no collective truth to it. However, art gives human beings an insight into their own and each other’s psyches. Art is a lie which makes us realize the truth, and the truth does not have Just one definition.


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