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As discussed there are several practices that can help to promote anti-discriminatory practice, however there are also some difficulties that can be experienced when one is implementing these anti-discrimination practices. The health and social care organisation might have limited which does not allow the management to do all that they want to do. For example, using the person centred care approach may be difficult for the health and social care organisation if there is an imbalance in the staff to service user ratio, and the members of staff do not have enough time to personaliseThere are many difficulties that can arise when implementing anti discriminatory practice in health and social care settings. A few of these are the care providers might not see that it is important to promote anti-discriminatory practice.If the care providers don’t see that is is important they will just treat every patient how they think they should be treated and they most likely won’t treat everyone exactly the same. Care providers might have different beliefs and values so might not promote anti-discriminatory practice. This links with the point above and they will ignore the promotion of anti discriminatory practice and the care provider will make judgement off their own beliefs and values. Health and social care professionals may fail to put the service users at the heart of service provision. This could then mean the service users needs are put second and the service provider just give the service user the same treatment as everyone else. The health care professional might not end up respecting service users rights, choices and well-being, this is when a difficulty could arise because if the service provider is not corrected then the behaviour could carry and claims could be put against the provider. Limited funding, for example the NHS only gets a certain amount of money a year from the government to provide care. This then means it may be harder for the care providers to get adequate training on rules for anti-discrimination


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