As and delivering the quantity efficiently to

As the management
leadership team of Big Baller Brand, we introduce our shareholders to our
strategic plans that have been proven to increase the success rates and
effectiveness of the company while expanding the market at the same time
increasing customer satisfaction from across the globe. This report
demonstrates the processes in which deliver the overall understanding of Big
Baller Brand marketing tactics and the capabilities of future success.

This document is a
report to shareholders in which describes the processes and changes that were
made throughout the years of being a premium shoe in the market. It discusses
the mission, vision, objectives, and business-level strategies that are the
heart and soul of Big Baller Brand. It identifies the firm’s opportunities,
threats, and weaknesses that were developed along the way of the management
team and the threats that appeared throughout various processes.

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Big Baller Brand will
continue to offer high quality premium athletic shoes in all markets. Our
mission is to provide an amazing shoe to work out with that will leave a
Genuine feeling of accomplishment to our customers. At Big Baller Brand,
customers get what they pay for, high quality, stylish, and athletic shoes. We
will also discuss the financial ratios that will show the evaluation over the
years and the financial conditions of the company itself.

Our strategic approach employed
a global differentiation strategy in which set the company’s footwear apart
from rival brands based on such attributes such as a higher S/Q rating, more
models and styles while increasing global advertising with various
differentiation of celebrity appeal in different markets. Across the globe, Big
Baller Brand has been known to be a premium shoe with an authentic feel and
design that cannot be rivaled in the market.

Discussing the strengths
and weaknesses through the changes over time developed a great establishment
between customers in purchasing our product. Customers from around the world
were loyal to the brand in which Big Baller Brand has built an amazing product
in the competitive premium shoe market. The strengths such as free shipping and
high internet sales in the market were some of our strongest areas. Our
weaknesses on the other hand relied solely on retail support and delivering the
quantity efficiently to the demand that was needed across the globe. These were
capitalized upon throughout the course of our strategic approach each year.

At Big Baller Brand, we
take pride in our decision making processes and management team decisions as a
team, we have taken on the tasks at hand full throttle, taking advantage of our
superior product in the different markets that we have established a loyal fan
base to our shoes. This will be expanded upon within the document.


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