Article Review Essay

E-Business is much more than Just a shopping website. It expands individual’s knowledge and vision of the organization, gains new customers and evaluates the relevance of the products and personal preference of the clients. Safety and security is always necessary to protect intellectual properties and customers privacy. E- Business organizations use the best technology in order to grow and create strategies to maintain affordable prices. E-Business and Intellectual Properties Websites are routinely collecting information about customers and visitors to understand and serve their customers better.

Personal information is collected and administrated with integrity, responsibility, and security. Intellectual Property is an area of law that protects ideas in the areas of: Copyright, Trademarks, Industrial Design, and Patents. Some examples of trademarks are logos, names, pictures, words, themes, phrases, and even a combination of colors and word that businesses use as a way to promote and describe themselves. Copyright is an important business issue when it comes to E-commerce because it protects the sites contents.

Copyrighting eve the owner exclusive rights such as copying, distributing, and modifying the work, as well as displaying and performing work publicly. Copyright protects under the law the individuals or organizations work regardless if the information can be found on the internet or publicly. In order to operate a successful and efficient E-Business, organizations must avoid legal problems by always operating by policies and procedures established by the company and the intellectual property laws and rights. Security is crucial on an online business to protect customer’s personal and financial information.

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In order to perform safely and responsibly, organization must keep operating systems updated, limit access of sensitive information to those who need to see it, and use encryption software to protect customers’ financial information from theft during transactions. Businesses that operate without making the necessary changes to protect the customers and the organizations information will affect the personal point of view of customers and, will have a negative impact on the organizations success and profit. Antivirus and data protection software’s are crucial to avoid private information release and lawsuit against the organization.


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