Arranger Fazil Say Essay

Fazil Say was born in Ankara. Turkey in 1970 and when he was seven old ages of age. he was given a scholarship to analyze with David Levine at the Robert Schumann Institute in Dusseldorf. Fazil Say’s ardor for wind and improvisation led him to happen really gifted performing artists in the World of Jazz. Fazil Say is really popular with the BBC Philharmonic. the New York Philharmonic. the Orchestre National de France. and many other celebrated orchestras around the universe.

Jazz Arrangement of Alla Turca

In the agreement of Alla Turca by Fazil Say. there are a batch of swing melodies to modern Jazz in this piece from the beginning to the terminal of the motion. It was really different from the original Alla Turca piece composed by Mozart. Fazil Say played a batch with kineticss and speech patterns and the speech patterns in the piece fell between beats which is common in Jazz music. The improvisation was really free in this motion and the pacing is much faster.

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Chemical reaction to Fazil Say Arrangement

I thought Fazil Say’s agreement of Alla Turca was phenomenal. His work was really clever and imaginative. Fazil Say’s input of Jazz elements within his agreement. by interrupting the traditional sounds of classical music. was superb.

Original Rondo Alla Turca

Alla Turca was composed by composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who arranged Alla Turca in the last motion of his Piano Sonata K. 331 3rd Movement. Rondo Alla Turca is besides known as the “Turkish March” or “Turkish Rondo. ” Mozart’s Alla Turca is beautiful in any agreement.

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