Argumentative Monomyth Movie Essay

Entitled “The Ordinary World”, the first stage details, “The hero, along with is personal history, is introduced without being aware” just as Edward is introduced in Twilight (Campbell 1988). In the cafeteria, two girls talk to Bella about the Cullers who enter the cafeteria, “The Cullers-?they are Dry. And Mrs.. Cullers’ foster kids. They moved down from Alaska a few years ago. They keep to themselves. They’re always together… That’s Edward Culled. Hess totally gorgeous obviously, but apparently nobody here is good enough for him” (Twilight 2008). Edward seems unaware of his introduction.

This shows Edwards mundane world. Secondly, “The Call to Adventure” states, “Something shakes up the situation ND causes a stirring from deep within do the hero must face the beginning of change” (Campbell 1988). While at the cafeteria, Bella turns around and makes eye contact with Edward. They seem to have a connection between each other. In Biology class, Bella enters the classroom and takes a sit next to Edward. Beginning to cringe and tense up, Edward covers his nose and mouth as if there was an awful aroma. Following this, an awkward moment of staring and silence takes place (Twilight 2008).

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Edward has to face change no matter how abnormal it might be. “Refusal of the Call” is the third stage of the Hero’s Journey which describes, The hero feels the fear of the unknown and tries to turn away from the adventure” (Campbell 1988). After the previous scene, Edward abruptly storms out of the classroom to go to the Counselor’s office where he tries to change his Biology class to a different course because, by one’s inference, he may dislike Bella. The counselor informs him, “There are no classes open. You will have to endure it” (Twilight 2008). Unlike Edward, his siblings return to school the next several days. When he returns to school, he says to Bella, “l was out of town for personal reasons” (Twilight 2008). By ones inference, Edward tries to avoid the presence Of Bella by being absent from school. Edward then experiences more changes (referring back to “The Call to Adventure”). When Edward returns to school, he has changed. During Biology, Edward politely introduces himself to Bella and apologizes for his rudeness several days back. They begin to have a nice conversation in class and continue down the hallway (Twilight 2008).

Since he first saw Bella, Edwards actions have changed. The fourth stage of the Monmouth, “Meeting the Mentor, states, “The hero comes across a seasoned traveler of the worlds who give him training, equipment, or advice that will help him on the journey” (Campbell 1988). Edward tells Bella the story of how he met his mentor and become a vampire. In the early sass, Edward fell fatally ill and he was dying of typhoid fever at the age of seventeen. Dry. Carlisle Culled knew that in only moments Edwards life would end. Having only one way to save Edward, Carlisle transformed him into an immortal vampire.

Raising Edward as his own, Carlisle taught him to become an abnormal vampire-?a vampire that only drank of animal blood and clearly abided by this special diet. As Edwards mentor, Carlisle taught IM survival skills that only vampires should thrive on (Twilight 2008). Without the aid of his mentor, Edward would not have been successful. “Crossing the Threshold” or the fifth stage of the Monmouth states, “The hero commits to leaving the Ordinary World and entering a new region or condition with unfamiliar rules and values” (Campbell 1988).

On the date, Edward drives Bella to his home where he can be around his family and act like himself now that Bella knows he and his whole family are vampires. He carries Bella outside to the top off high tree. Bella says in disbelief, “This does not exist! (Twilight 2008). Edward replied, “It does in my world” (Twilight 2008). Tests, Allies, and Enemies is the sixth stage of the Monmouth which states, “The hero is tested and sorts allegiances in the Special World” (Campbell 1988). Edwards allies are Bella and his family: Carlisle, Same, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper.

Laurent, James, and Victoria (the vampires who eat humans) have recently become Edwards enemies. When all the Cullers take Bella to a field to play baseball, they are tested. When the Cullers’ baseball flies into the woods, the three enemies catch it and return it to the Cullers. Instantaneously, James smells the human scent of Bella and Edward quickly gets her into the car to drive her away. James will try to track down Bella by using his keen smell to track down her scent so he may catch and kill her (Twilight 2008).

Stage seven, entitled “Approach” describes, “The hero and his newfound allies prepare for the major challenge in the Special World” (Campbell 1988). Bella and the Cullers’ approach is to prepare immediately. Edward says the only way to save Bella is to capture James, break him apart, and burn the remains. Bella can only go home for a moment to act as though Edward has Rosen up with her and she must tell her father she is leaving to go live with her mother again. The Cullers, along with Bella, actually plan to go to Phoenix, Arizona.

Traveling with Alice and Jasper, Bella will then head south to Phoenix. All the others will go into the forest with Belle’s jacket to confuse Sesame’s scent of Bella herself. James finds out the trick and furiously goes to Phoenix where Bella is located. Rosalie and Same stay in Forks, Washington to keep Belle’s dad safe while Edward, Emmett, and Carlisle travel to Phoenix “The Ordeal” or the eighth stage of the Monmouth is when “the hero enters central space in the Special World and faces his greatest fear and out of the moment of death comes new life?’ (Campbell 1988).

Edward fears James will kill Bella or any of the Culled. He says Bella is his life. Bella enters her old ballet studio to confront James. Invincibly, James breaks Belle’s leg. When Bella thought she was at her weakest point, Edward comes to her rescue. Suddenly, James slams Edward in a mirror and glass; this becomes a climax of the serious fight. James manages to escape the encounter with Edward and bite Belle’s arm. Because of this, Edward bites a large piece of and tries to reek Sesame’s neck but Carlisle stops him from breaking it. Carlisle exclaims, “Go! Do what you need to do.

Alice and your brothers will take care of James. Bella needs you! ” (Twilight 2008). The ninth stage is “The Reward” which states, “The hero takes possession of the treasure won by facing death and there may be celebration but there is also danger of losing the treasure again” (Campbell 1988). While Alice and Edward stay with Bella as she struggles to live, Jasper, Emmett, and Carlisle end James immortal life. Jasper builds the fire and then both he and Emmett hold James tightly by the arms. Carlisle leaves to go tell Alice to pull off Sesame’s and she does as she is told.

After this, they burn him. They saved Bella from ever being in Sesame’s wrath and made Victoria, his companion, weaker (Twilight 2008). “The Road Back” is the tenth stage which details, “The hero is driven to complete the adventure leaving the Special World to be sure the treasure is brought home but this is a time of anticipation of danger” (Campbell 1988). Edward and Carlisle stay with Bella. Bella screamed, “It’s burning! It’s burning! ” (Twilight 2008). Carlisle told Edward to suck the venom out of her arm before t made her immortal (Twilight 2008). The Resurrection”, also known as the eleventh stage of the Monmouth, states, “The hero is severely tested once more on the threshold of home and he is purified by a last sacrifice on a higher and more complete level and by the hero’s actions, the polarities [or oppositions] that were in conflict at the beginning are finally solved” (Campbell 1988). Edward placed his teeth on the Belle’s arm right at the marks of Sesame’s teeth imprints. He starts sucking the venom. Because the blood tastes so good, it was difficult for Edward to stop. Carlisle says worriedly, “Edward! Edward!


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