Analysis of newspaper articles about Amanda Knox Essay

The first article “Is Amanda Knox about to walk free and make millions? ” The victim’s family who has not enough money to attend her appeal shows certainty that Amanda Knox is the murderer and the dead is the known victim. It portrays the good and bad side of the article. Amanda Knox is very important now to the media for interviews, as her story is expected to become a multi-million pound Hollywood Movie. The newspaper has already shown sides as the newspaper showed all the negative sides of Amanda Knox and the crime scene itself.

The murder scene was described with horrible and disgusted phrases such as ‘blood spots’, ‘knife wounds’, portraying that it was a violent fight between the two. They also use psychological ways to analyze Amanda during the interview. Her, actions, comments. The article uses language and emotional texts to persuade the audience that Amanda Knox murdered her roommate with violent force, drawing it into a ferocious murder scene, evoking negative feelings among the readers.

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The second article “Hundreds of Reporters Descend on Italian Town to Cover Amanda Knox Trial” shows a neutral side at the heading of the article, as it did not show any particular relation to either side of the argument. The article based on covering the background information and facts of the incident and their family. But as we read deeper into the text, using short phrases such as “commanded attention” shows certain negativity in the article towards Amanda Knox.

Her family has been doggedly pleading her case in front of the camera, feels like they know the truth, the newspaper seem more to embarrass her family, and portraying them as a guilty family who knew that Amanda Knox was a known murderer therefore, begging for mercy. Cameraman and photographers are to be positioned at Capanne prison where Knox had been held. Which makes the audience believe that she is guilty. However, sympathy may have been shown by readers as the family begged on knees, trying to protect someone they loved.

The last article: Case vs. Amanda Knox called “farce”. Using the word ‘farce’, they believe that Amanda Knox could be free soon. Even though plenty of negative comments were replied as of her case, but observers said that her case looks positive for her. This shows that the newspaper has already chose their side as they mentioned: “things are looking very positive for Amanda Fox,” “That entire case is false. That entire case has crumbled around the prosecutor’s ankles. So, it’s looking good for Amanda.

The newspaper gives the audience a safe feeling as they described everything to be under control. The “Manipulator, (saying) she held the knife that killed Meredith Kercher. ” Using the word and brackets “saying”, it means accusing. Further choosing sides by saying: “The entire case is false. ” It Strengthen the tone using “entire. ” What was on the knife wasn’t DNA, it was red bread. This already showed that they believe that Amanda Knox is innocent and should be able to walk free.


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