Analysis of Charles Dickens Essay

Charles Dickens Is a writer that is expected to choose the names of his characters to match their personalities. One could even explain them being innocent atrocious or even inattentive. Take Thomas Grinding for instance, he is a man of realism a hard teacher that worked his students Like machines hoping to produce some graduates. Then there is Mr.. Machiavelli, he is a very atrocious man , some say he even look like an ogre. So now we move onto Cecilia Jape aka Sissy Jape.

She is different then NY other character In every way possible. This Is an early scene and Sissy Is the only female that has been introduced even though there are other girls in the class. Then we move on to Bitter, which is the teacher’s pet and embarrasses Cecilia by giving the meaning of what a horse Is. Blazer was not a very nice boy and was atrocious. Anyone reading Dickens work should count on it to be full of allusions and know he is writing to a large sentimental and very prominent audience.

Some young readers ay not understand Dickens way of writing. He had a way of making his characters have an imagination and making like the students were in harms way when they never were. I guess you could say that it could be youth vs.. Age and predicts that whom-ever Is being singled out (Sissy Jape) will at break away from this dictator and others will be less triumphant like Bitter. The main idea of this scene tome can be implicative from the classroom when he was talking to Cecilia (Sissy).

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When he said horses” and the “carpeted flowers” which was to symbolize her kindness and youth. Dickens is not squabbling against education or progress. He is fighting against the approach that the grad grinding, and mind numbing tends to take the fun out of life. Knowing that Dickens had read and love Arabian Knights as a child, we could see a little of his life story in this scene. So closing lets think, that if Dickens was actually taught by someone like his character Mr.. Machiavelli would he have become the man he was.


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