Analysing media texts Essay

The purpose of the Club 18-30 brochure and the Thomson Walt Disney world resort brochure are the same. They are both advertising and selling holidays. The differences between the audiences are quite different. The 18-30 brochure targets young people who are looking for an exciting and wild time. The Walt Disney brochure however, targets families who are looking for a relaxing time with entertainment to suit the family. The presentation of these brochures is paramount to the actual selling of the holiday. The presentation must appeal to the target audience, for instance the 18-30 brochure presents itself as exciting, lively, bright and hot.

Whereas the Disney family brochure gives a feel of relaxation, fun and straight forward family enjoyment. The layout of the18-30 brochure is loud in the way the pictures are big and bright with young adults looking like they are having a laugh, which would appeal to young single people. In contrast, the Thomson Orlando holiday brochure is more straightforward with pictures evenly laid out and which show families enjoying themselves in a secure environment. The language used in the 18-30 brochure uses different linguistic techniques. Non-standard English is used to entice the audience.

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The brochure aims to be trendy, hip and fashionable in order to target young people and to make them believe that 18-30 holidays are the best. The structure and layout of the Thomson brochure has more detailed information and requires more attention from the reader to choose their destination, whereas the 18-30 brochure is more user-friendly to read and gives the reader quick captions. This is because the target audience, 18-30, does not want to look in detail they just want the short sharp points of the holiday. The pictures are essential for selling a holiday.

The 18-30 brochure combines pictures that show people in their bathing suits, posing and looking like their having a good time. The Borders used around the image gives a feel of comfort and happy memories, which could be obtained, a dreamlike feel. The Walt Disney world resort brochure however, shows a more systematic layout of pictures. In the way the images are square and inline to the rest of the text. The pictures themselves are very different in the way they show kids enjoying themselves near the beach with other families and kids. Also the accommodation pictures give a feel of cleanliness and security.

The colour of the fonts within the 18-30 brochure are big, bright and rounded. This is to ensure the reader can easily interpret the article. This is eye pleasing and coincides with the pictures. The text of the 18-30 brochure is straightforward with paragraphs that are easy to read and which shows us that the intended audience is for someone who is not really interested in detail. In comparison the Walt Disney world resort brochure shows more font sizes that enable the article to show more detail and information about the holiday. The use of bold text is used more frequently.

This is to highlight information that would appeal to the reader. The colour of the text is black, which stands out clear with the white background and gives good use of the bold text. The headline in the 18-30 brochure is simple with the word “club” in big font and 18-30 underneath, which is small. This gives an instant message to the reader making them believe they will be within a younger group who will meet for social fun. The Walt Disney world resort heading shows more of the brand name, “Walt Disney”, which speaks for itself due to Walt Disney being renowned all over the world.

Also the headline shows the title of destination in big font with a picture of a child and his father laughing. This is to entice the reader in wanting to go to Orlando. The headline advertises the destination because of its location. The language of the 18-30 brochure shows colloquial language, the words and phrases are informal. The language tries to be hip and cool. The tone used is upbeat and lively. In contrast, the language used within the Walt Disney brochure is more coherent and informative. The language is imaginative in the way it gives the reader a picture in their head of what sort of things you can do at the resort.


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