Analyse the Methods Used by the World Anti-Doping Essay

Analyses the Methods Used by the World Anti- Doping Agency (Wad) to Regulate the Performance of Athletes’ World-Wide Using Three Ethical Principles of the Global Business Standards Codex (CBS). By congruence The methods used by the world Anti-Doping Agency (WAD) are very important in regulate the performance of athletes all over the world. These methods are very strict methods, which promote a healthy, and safety for athletes, with a purpose of trying to improve high performance’s qualities and enhance the level of playing field.

The WAD methods are based on three ethical principles of the Global Business Standard Codex (CBS), which is citizenship, dignity and fairness principles. The WAD placed the citizenship principle to regulate and support the performance of athletes. Laws and rules are very important method assert to maintain the balance of the world and sustain high performances in sport. According to Hooligan WAD is the original document of sport policy in which all athletes have to abide by the rules and laws (Hooligan 2004).

Hence, WAD established to protect athlete’s rights in sport industry. On the other hand, WAD enacted a list of illegal drugs and organized orgasm to prevent the use of drugs in sport. However, time is changing, technology are modernize, people with high quality of technology discover new drugs which can affect athletes’ performances and their playing qualities at the field. The WAD recognized these threats thus WAD keep updating, adding and changing the list of drug to forbid the development of illegal drug in port industry and to be fair with all of the athletes.

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For example “one of the most significant changes to the 2012 list is the removal of formerly from ‘Section 3 Beta-2 Zionists’ of the List when taken by inhalation at therapeutic dosages” (WAD 2012). Athletes will get penalty if they took the drug that has not found in the past. WAD also used a credit in labs to make sure they are right in making laws of sport. Moreover, WAD is using the high quality of technology to find and prove that drugs would have a bad affect to athlete’s health to warn and also encourage athletes to obey regulation to keep them safe and free from any kind of harm.

In result, laws and rules set to maintain the safety of all people involved in activities (Entities 2009) therefore follow the rules and laws are accessibility of all athletes. Regulation and policy used to ensure that all the activities are fair, games are playing in the same format, right time, right location and able to understand how the game been instructed and played. The WAD citizenship principle servers as one of the main standard of Wad’s roll in society, which is expected employee’s respect and follow the laws of community.

The strict methods used by WAD very important to regulate the performance of athletes. Furthermore, WAD methods used to promote healthy and safety for athletes include testing, such athletes and decrease the number of drug risk taker. Testing pool is one of WAD methods, which are testing athletes regularly in time, this is compulsory to all athletes. It is very important to define doping and conscious about its harmful effect. Doping is using drug to take the advantage over others in competition, (Sweetener 2012) and Sweetener demonstrates that doping affect the health of athletes and their safety.

Athletes doping in sport may result in suddenly death while playing or would be result in physical, mental, emotional, and future generation consequences. Hence, Athlete’s required to update information to WAD, this information for the purpose of anti-doping testing, athletes who do not provided enough information or not attended the test in a period shall a WAD rules violation. This method assists every athlete to understand the laws and rules and its important and always be ready for the test.

Regarding the time period of available of the NATO is required athletes to be available for less than 30 minutes a day to testing (Handstand 2010). WAD also place random testing athletes outside the competition to keep them safe and healthy ND ensure that no one would breach the law. WAD observe methods, which can allowed them to test athletes wherever and whenever they please to. This method expected athletes beware at all time. (Park 2005) main argument is WAD highlight that the unannounced out of competition testing is meant to educate athletes that they can be tested randomly.

WAD used this method to monitor the doping activities; base in dignity principle WAD protecting the dignity of athletes includes ensuring the human right of health and safety. This method is very important to jugular the performance of athletes. WAD attempts to achieve the high quality of sport, advocated a high level of playing field and to regulate the performance of athletes through the use of fairness principle. WAD try to establish a high and quality level of playing field, which allows athletes to concentrate on the purpose of athletic excellence thought and their natural talent. Play true”. WAD works to make sure that all athletes would get the profit and being treated equally from the same rules, laws and protections; there are no racist or discrimination against nationalities, ports or countries wherever the place to tested. Nevertheless, Tambourine argued that doping is killing the spirit of sport (Tambourine 2006). WAD and the entire world expect athletes to fight for victory by using natural physical skill and spirit without any help from any medicine or any drug.

WAD fights the war against doping in sport by educate athletes about doping and penalty in sport. Athletes might being ban for life thus lost of opportunity to play sport and fulfill their dream. WAD gave conventional argument used to support bans drug in sport in which opining is unfair for others, doping is destroy the hard training of athletes and doping is also effect the health of athletes in short and long term. Doping may take by the young athletes who do not have the experience in anti-doping in sport.

Hence, the creation of WAD anti-doping education program to promote good health, safety and fairness in competition. In addition, the comparison of heavy penalty with the respect of all people to athletes increases chance of saying no to dope. Supported by Catalina main argument drugs are designed especially for athletes to enhance reference have been produces, used, and athletes punished (Catalina 2008). This methods base on fairness principle, which is the stakeholders who have vested very hard to win there are always the unclear about testing, controlling doping in sport.

But with the help of community, science, laws and the honest and truthful of athletes the war on drug will be win successfully. The challenging issues and problems arising from the war on drugs in sport may be resolved through the collaboration between sport philosophy, social science and sport law (Hemophilia 2009). In conclusion, WAD promote healthy, safety athletes by testing pool and random testing in-out competition, with strict methods to update the drug list and credit labs WAD fight the war against doping in sport, prevent doping and attempt to develop a high level of playing field.


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