An Ill Fated Love Sample Essay

Does destine play an of import function in the lives of immature love? Often. because youths’ lives are controlled and guided by their parents’ custodies. certain state of affairss are out of their control. Many facets of Romeo and Juliet’s lives were complete Acts of the Apostless of destiny. and destiny was mostly responsible for the result of each state of affairs. Fate was straight involved with the immature lovers’ meeting. separation and concluding ruin because there was no manner to get away it.

First. it was necessary for Romeo and Benvolio to come across Capulet’s retainer and unwittingly be informed of the expansive party because this is where Romeo would run into Juliet. Capulet’s retainer was unable to read the coil of invitations he was given. so he went in hunt of educated people that could. It was an act of destiny that the Montagues ran into the retainer and found out about the Capulets’ banquet. Benvolio’s relentless suggestion of go toing the party finally led Romeo to be love struck by Juliet’s beauty: “O she doth teach the torches to fire bright…Beauty excessively rich for usage. for Earth excessively beloved! ” ( I. v. 43 & A ; 46 ) Romeo and Juliet began their infatuation for one another. which shortly transfered into a flowering love. Juliet’s attending was therefore diverted from avoiding Paris’s wooing to accepting Romeo’s romantic appeal. This was how Romeo and Juliet were destined to run into and get down their out love.

Fate’s will to hold Romeo banished from Verona came at the monetary value of Mercutio and Tybalt’s lives. Tybalt was an counter person with a speedy pique. As a consequence. his actions frequently led to the undoing of others. Tybalt began disputing with the Montagues and demanded that Romeo confront him and prosecute in a affaire d’honneur with him. As Romeo refused this challenge he stated that he had a new love for Tybalt that Tybalt would ne’er understand it. Mercutio stepped in and accepted. Because Romeo got inbetween Mercutio and Tybalt. Mercutio was stabbed underneath Romeo’s arm. As a consequence. Mercutio declared “A pestilence o’ both your houses! ” ( III. I. 106 ) This decidedly sealed their destiny as the duty for Mercutio’s decease ballad with both of them. Romeo avenges Mercutio’s decease as he goes in hunt of the “Prince of Cats” that took his best friend’s life. Romeo is banished instantly from Verona by the Prince when the citizens find Tybalt slain on the land. As Romeo is flying the town centre he realizes he will be prevented from seeing Juliet farther. Through all of this struggle. Romeo’s destiny is sealed and his life and love for Juliet are greatly endangered.

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A pestilence near Mantua kept the friar’s missive from making Romeo and this farther endangered Romeo and Juliet’s felicity. It happened that an eruption of plague struck the letter’s finish topographic point. This event held Friar John quarantined and unable to come in Mantua. and was one of the Acts of the Apostless of destiny that led to the concluding ruin of the immature lovers. Juliet lay kiping in her grave expecting Romeo’s entryway. As Romeo was incognizant that she was non dead he consumed a toxicant so he did non hold to populate without her. Juliet awoke minutes later and found his organic structure lying prone and turning cold: “Poison I see hath been his timeless end… I will snog thy lips ; … Thy lips are warm! ” ( V. III. 162. 164 & A ; 167 ) Juliet became overwrought with unhappiness and because Romeo died without her she took her ain life with his sticker. Fate’s sick clocking led to the devastation of their felicity and life together with neither of them aware or able to forestall it.

Fate was responsible for many of the events environing Romeo and Juliet and most of their jobs. They could non forestall their meeting. Romeo’s ostracism. or their tragic terminations. It seemed as if everything around them was pre – destined and it was impossible for them to get away their ultimate destiny. Why destiny chose to convey them together merely to rupture them apart. no 1 may cognize for certain. Possibly destine did this to do the households aware of the futility of feuding. but could the same point non hold been proven with less grief and bloodshed?


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