An African American Fight for Respect Essay

For 1000s of old ages adult females have been contending for many things. one of the most of import being regard. Some people may believe regard for a adult female is merely keeping the door for her as she walks through. drawing her chair out for her before she is seated. or possibly merely standing when she leaves the tabular array ; but respect is so much more than that. Respect is a feeling of deep esteem for person elicited by their abilities. qualities. or accomplishments. Respect is a feeling that can non merely be given to person. it is a feeling that must be earned. fought for. or rewarded.

For the African American adult female. regard did non come by so easy no affair how hard they fought or even if they earned it. Examples of the African American adult female contending for her regard. has one time upon a clip been one of the many subjects during all literary periods. The two plants that I chose have the similar subject of regard. The literary pieces are “Sweat” by Zora Neale Hurston and “The Color Purple” by Alice Walker. These two plants show the same subject of regard for black adult females and the battle for it from work forces.

Though both narratives have comparings that could travel on for yearss. they merely every bit good have their differences by the manner the grip the subject of regard. Alice Walker has been composing narratives and poesy for many old ages. As a alumnus of Spelman College she was given great chances and was given a solid instruction. Women’s rights and regard has ever been two subjects near to Alice’s bosom. It has been said. that “Alice Walker expresses the battles of black people. peculiarly adult females. and their lives in a racialist. male chauvinist. and violent society. ” Her Hagiographas besides lean more towards the functions of black adult females through civilization and history.

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On March 3. 2008 Alice Walker was arrested on International Women’s Day for traversing the constabulary line at a mass meeting in forepart of The White House. Walker has set a criterion and has ne’er had any demand or want to alter it. Of the many narratives that Alice Walker has written. the 1 that stands out the most to me covering with the female battle for regard is the narrative made film and musical. “The Color Purple. ” “The Color Purple. ” is a narrative written in 1982 that has won multiple awards and acknowledgments for its non so posh gustatory sensation and realistic positions.

Some of these awards being from the Blue Ribbon Awards. Black Movie Awards. Golden Globe Awards. 11 nominations during the Oscars. and enough more. The chief characters in “The Color Purple. ” are Celie Harris Johnson and Mister Albert Johnson. Celie has been abused since she was merely a immature miss ; she had two kids by her male parent Leonard and she is forced to get married Albert. a immature widowman. by the age of 14. During her old ages of being married to Albert. she is taunted. disrespected. beaten. and abused up until she turns her life around when she meets Shug Avery. a well-known Jazz vocalist. who comes to populate with the twosome.

Shug takes it upon herself to assist Celie raise her assurance so she can non merely stand up to her hubby and demand regard. but to experience beautiful about herself indoors and out. By the terminal of the narrative. Celie stands up to Avery and is eventually reconnected with the household that was one time taken away from her. Another great black female writer who proudly carries the subject of regard in her narratives is Zora Neale Hurston. Hurston. a alumnus of Howard University. was a well-known writer during the Harlem Renaissance.

Hurston is most known for her celebrated literary piece entitled. “Their Eyess Were Watching God” which caught the eyes of readers around the universe. Like Alice Walker. Zora Neale Hurston has besides won multiple awards for her fabulous novels. short narratives. and poems. The narrative “Sweat” written by Zora Neale Hurston takes topographic point in a little all black town located near Orlando. Florida. This narrative. like many others with disrespect towards the married woman. starts off with hubby Sykes teasing his married woman Delia by flim-flaming her into thought that the whip he throws over her shoulders is a serpent. cognizing she is lifelessly terrified of them.

Throughout the narrative. Delia trades with unfaithfulness. maltreatment. rumours. and teasing from her hubby. Towards the terminal of the narrative. her hubby buys a rattler and refuses to take it back where he found it from. cognizing his married woman is terrified. In the terminal. that really snake gets loose. bites. and kills him ; Delia stands their observation him die. The website articlemyriad. com states “The reader can theorize on whether or non Delia was excessively afraid to travel to acquire aid for her hubby. but it is the general consensus that she purposefully let him decease.

While you could reason both. if you are traveling to postulate that she was merely afraid. you’d better take a closer expression at the text before seeking to support your point. ” One of the greatest comparings in this narrative is the deficiency of regard the hubbies have for their married womans. a matrimony is supposed to be filled with trust. regard. love. and honestness. all of which the two matrimonies in “The Color Purple” and “Sweat” lacked. Although there are many comparings. there were besides contrasts in the two narratives. although non precisely easy to happen with a closed head.

A contrast in these two narratives to me that stood out the most were the personalities of the two married womans in the narratives. In “The Color Purple. ” Celie is abused and taken advantage of. but holds a quiet lingua until the terminal ; Delia in “Sweat” is abused and taken advantage of. but she ever speaks her head and portrays her true feelings towards something. With these two narratives I felt it was good to hold the personalities of the adult females who wanted regard to be wholly different so that I could compare and contrast merely a spot more clearly.

One was more concealed and kept feelings to herself. the other more outgoing and stronger like all adult females should be. In decision. regard for adult females. particularly inkinesss. has been a topic that will ever be discussed and fought for. Zora Neale Hurston and Alice Walker described the battle for regard in many similar and different ways. I stated earlier that for 1000s of old ages adult females have been contending for many things. one of the most of import being regard and that regard was a feeling that can non merely be given to person. it is a feeling that must be earned. fought for. or rewarded.

I am proud of the long manner that non merely African American adult females have come. but adult females all race and I am blessed to hold such profound adult females to look up to. Womans in the yesteryear who have fought for our rights set a high criterion for the remainder of us to follow and I look frontward to making merely so. Works Cited 1. The Norton Anthology of African American Literature: Second Edition Henry Louis Gates Jr. & A ; Nellie Y. McKay.


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