All diverse and its people idolized how

around the world, from the roots of Africa, to the Irish clogging, all the way
up to the Jarabe Tapatío to the Folk dance of the Han Chinese, music has been
impactful to and for everyone. Without those who compose music and play musical
instruments, and go on to become famous musicians and composers, we wouldn’t
have all the music that we have now.  Before
you get confused about the difference between a composer and a musician, a
composer is someone who creates music whereas a musician is someone who plays a
musical instrument or who may be musically talented, but we’re only going to
focus on the musician part. How did famous musicians impact us? That’s what we
are here to find out.      Because music
has been around for so long, we can’t say when it actually began. We can use evidence
in cave paintings that depict people dancing to prove that music has been
around for a long time. Taking a look at African culture, we can see that they
were very diverse. Their musical styles were very diverse and its people idolized
how diverse it was and how well it was shaped and formed to become what it is today.
Music acts as a mode of communication. It
expresses emotions and helps express how you may feel or your passions for
things. Africa started out with drums and basically bringing out rhythm. Kiernan
Forbes, also known as AKA, is a South African hip-hop artist who first noticed
on the music scene in 2002. Another famous musician from Africa is Nigerian
pop singer, Yemi Alade, who took the music world by storm after winning the
maiden edition of the Peak Talent Show in 2009.      The impact AKA made was that it made
people in other countries could be able to rap and sing in English and not be
held down to a certain standard and not be able to just be themselves. HE made
it so that people would feel like they could rap and sing and do all things
that people who weren’t from their country could do. 



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