Aliskiren Essay

Background: Up to a one-fourth of the world’s population presently suffer from high blood pressure. seting them at hazard of assorted diseases including bosom disease. potentially taking to decease. The chymosin angiotensin-aldosterone system ( RAAS ) has been implicated in blood force per unit area control and there have been clinical tests which have demonstrated that suppressing RAAS by angiotonin change overing enzyme inhibitors ( ACEIs ) and angiotensin receptor blockers ( ARBs ) is good to blood force per unit area but may take to take downing of blood force per unit area but may take to the development of coronary artery disease in the big blood vass. Aliskiren is a low molecular non-peptide transition-state direct renin blocker. It is disrupts the RAAS by straight suppressing chymosin. and works in a dose dependent mode.

Methods: We therefore examined the published literature to measure the efficaciousness of aliskiren on blood force per unit area. Surveies were identified utilizing Pubmed and the databases Science Direct and Blackwell Synergy. The internet hunt engine Google was besides used to uncover any articles which may non be revealed through the databases.

Consequences: One clinical test found a 50-80 % decrease in plasma chymosin activity ( PRA ) degrees with patients on aliskiren. Four other randomized. double-blinded. placebo-controlled tests found there to be no residuary consequence on the subsequent yearss intervention. Another clinical test found that there was no inauspicious interaction between aliskiren and other anti-hypertensive drugs. which suggests that the drug is safe to utilize alongside other anti-hypertensive drugs to bring forth an increased consequence. None of the clinical tests found that there were backdown symptoms upon discontinuing the intervention.

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Decisions: The clinical observations reported show that aliskiren is effectual in handling high blood pressure. It besides shows that the drug is safe as there is no residuary consequence from the drug which may take to o.d. . and there is no inauspicious consequence when taken with other hypertensive drugs. There is small grounds as to whether the drug is safe to be taken aboard other medicines.


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