Aldous Huxley and the Brave New World Essay

Mrs.. Mecum AP Language and Composition 08 March 2013 Brave New World Group Essay After battling a disease of the eye at age sixteen leaving him temporarily blind, Aloud Huxley dreams of going into a scientific or medical profession ended. Yet, he kept his critical, scientific way of thinking long after he stopped studying science and applied that thinking process and sense of detail to the many writings he did, whether it be an essay, poem, novel, or even art or music critique.

In his dyspepsia novel Brave New World, Huxley “combines [his] comprehensive scientific knowledge tit satire to project a future totalitarianism state based on values and trends of the modern world. ” (Aloud, Contemporary Literacy Criticism). Huxley purpose for writing the novel was to warn the world of what society could become had it kept taking steps towards totalitarianism. These views came from the author’s scientific background and the events going on in society at the time it was published.

Huxley was born to a family of scientists. His grandfather, brother, and half-brother were biologists, his half-brother even won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1963 for his research, and his father wrote scientific essays. Huxley was first educated in medicine and the arts and sciences, but after recovering from his illness studied literature at Billion College in Oxford and created a career for himself in writing. His extensive scientific background greatly shaped his ideas in his writing.

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In the dyspepsia community of Brave New World, Huxley explains many ultramodern scientific feats that had not even been contemplated when he wrote the novel, such as creating genetically engineered humans in laboratories. This knowledge helped him create a book that seemed so much farther ahead of its time than if he had not incorporated the many scientific elements into the story and was able to both fascinate readers with the thought of new technology and warn them of the bitter effects it could have.

Huxley published Brave New World in 1932, at a time when totalitarianism governments were a large political issue and when there were many events preceding World War II. Hitler came to power Just one year after the book was published, and the war began 6 years later. The years leading up to these events shaped Huxley view with the formation of many totalitarianism and socialist groups such as the German Nazis and the Chinese and Soviet Communists.

Their extreme beliefs and harsh ruling style are the basis for the fictional government in Brave New World. The novel is essentially a prediction; Huxley saw what kind of events were forming and used these ideas along with his knowledge of science to create a story that told of what they could have become had they gone out of hand. With this combination of extensive scientific knowledge and a surplus of totalitarianism issues surrounding him, Huxley created Brave New World to explain to people the possible outcomes of an extremely socialist government.

His scientific background shaped the way he looked at the rent events happening in the world at that time leading up to World War II, and these observations led him to write about what could happen to our society in the system, exhibit complete control over society and deprive any growth among its citizens. From birth, they choose a person’s lifestyle by changing the chemicals in their test tube to the desired outcome. Chemicals are altered to fit the chosen lifestyle so an “Epsilon embryo will have an Epsilon environment as well as an Epsilon heredity’ (Huxley 14).

The biological makeup of each person is altered to fit their environment so no person will ever desire a different lifestyle. People are chemically engineered to be content with their life to keep them from questioning society and causing instability. Stability is the main concern of the society, and the World Controllers go to great lengths to ensure no one ever questions how civilization is organized. Children learn exactly how to act and what to think from an early age in schools that condition them by playing rhymes while the children sleep.

They provide them with the information necessary to live and work in their assigned caste, and discourage learning any new information, as “truth is a menace, and science is a public danger” (227) This process ensures each person will follow the rules of society, because it is all they have ever known. While this is best for the community, it creates citizens that are “creatures of human shape but of stunted humanity’ (Sass). Any human fulfillment is denied by the government through this conditioning. Emotions have been taken out of society in order to preserve its stability.

As children they are taught to engage in “erotic play'(32) and that “everyone is everyone else’s” (40). Many sexual partners are not only normal, they are encouraged, and having only one partner is frowned upon. People treat others as objects, not human beings. The government has decided to take the emotion out of relationships to discourage any strong feelings that may provoke change. If people feel strongly about something, they are more likely to question the way things are done, which threatens the stability of society. Huxley main purpose of Brave New World was to show the dangers of what modern society could become.

He warns against modern society becoming a consumerist society. He warns that society needs to prioritize and reevaluate what is important in life. It is dangerous to become so dependent on eternal objects, like soma in the book, that it is impossible to live without it. In order for people to realize what will happen in a consumerist society, Huxley created a society that acts like a foil to modern society. In order for people to take reevaluation of their life seriously, there needs to be an extreme established so that people know where society is headed.

Huxley society provides an unpleasant insight of the future. In total, Huxley is trying to say that modern society is inevitably moving towards a consumerism society quicker than expected. The book was published in 932, when family was a central idea. In the novel, family is an unheard of idea. Emotional connections are put on the sidelines, and instead people look to objects to be happy and make their life have meaning. In the novel, the members do anything to remain happy, but realistically, you cannot face the truths in life and remain perfectly happy.

Even though Brave New World was written many years ago, it is amazing how society is forming to the life in the novel. Many people go around not thinking about the extreme consequences. It is a harsh reality that is more relevant now than at the time the book was written. In order to avoid modern day society becoming like Brave New World, there cannot be too much power. If there is too and less individualistic. Huxley main point in writing the novel is to warn modern day society of the dangers of the road we are now on. Soon, society will be too attached to material things that nobody will know what to do when they are gone.

In order to stay successful, we must all reevaluate life and make a point to only incorporate the important necessities, family and expression of emotion. Aloud Huxley Brave New World is a timeless classic that explores ideas that are still as elevate today as when it was written seventy years ago. The dyspepsia Huxley created was built around a world without consequences, where pleasure was the top priority. Problems like unwanted pregnancy, aging, and unhappiness were easily taken care of so people could do as they please without having to worry about consequences.

In the absence of these consequences the idea of “family’ became obsolete-there were easier ways to fulfill the sexual, psychological, and emotional needs of humans. By showing the horrors of Huxley dyspepsia, readers realize the importance of a family nit for a stable society of independent, free-thinking people. Consequences like Studs, effects of overusing drugs, and unwanted pregnancies are necessary evils that Huxley shows prevent a real world version of the dyspepsia in Brave New World. Huxley expressed views in Brave New World are similar to today’s conservatives.

Their concerns echo his: warning of the deterioration of society that goes hand-in- hand with “communal living, drug use, sexual promiscuity, and abortion. ” (Hickman) Conservative views on these issues become more understandable after reading Brave New World. Even though it is an exaggeration of problems caused by introversion topics like abortion and increasingly effective birth control, the dyspepsia Huxley imagined is a troubling possibility with the direction a more liberal society seems to be going.

Another effect Huxley novel had on people was the image of “baby hatcheries” (Siegel) he created in describing the process of reproduction in Brave New World, where humans were “hatched” rather than born in sterile labs and in mass quantities. This caused readers to have negative responses to processes like in- vitro fertilization (IV) when they were first introduced in the sass’s (Siegel) With thing else to compare IV to, people saw the problems that were caused by a similar process in Brave New World and saw it as morally wrong and controversial.

Brave New World demonstrates the need for human suffering in order to grow as individuals. By eliminating problems like aging, loneliness, and unhappiness, Huxley dehumidifies his characters into childlike robots whose only concern is seeking more pleasure. They do not have the ability to overcome hardships because they are never faced with any. Brave New World became the basis for many literary and media works after it was leased. Authors like Margaret Atwood, Kurt Evensong, Ray Bradbury, and Walter Devise used it as a framework for their own dyspepsia novels.

Devises Mockingbird had “unmistakable echoes” of Huxley book. In it, “sex is casual; recreational drug use is the norm; and illiteracy very nearly universal… ” Which directly reflects Brave New World’s attitude. (Hickman) Brave New World’s influence on future works shows its lasting effect on readers. More recently, movies with themes similar to Brave New World were created to show the importance of family life and dangers of casual sex, al ideas take from Brave New World but in return continue its legacy in the modern world.


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