Against Technology Essay

There have been many controversies about cell phones in school. Teachers, administrators, and especially parents are talking and talking about cell phones in school. They are debating this topic. Many people have different opinions about cell phones and letting kids bring it to school. Some say cell phones should be banished from school grounds and some say cell phones should be embraced. However, there seems to be more people and information supporting students being allowed to bring phones in. For instance, people say cell phones have a bad impact because it could lead to cheating, to doing inappropriate things, and also it could or can be a distraction. Let me explain further with evidence and reasons.

One reason why cell phones should be banished because it can lead to cheating on test exams (SHSAT) or test. For instance, in the article, “Facts about Cell Phone Usage in School,” in this article the author or writer Shalu Bhatti says an interesting thing about students with cell phones, “35% of students… cell phones for cheating.” This quote was selected because it specifically explains how students are cheating with their phones. In addition, another piece of evidence of cheating would be in an article called, “Students… use ingenious ways cheat… on their exams by their cell phone.” This is unfair for all students. Teachers and professors now have to be vigilant when giving tests at schools without cell phones banning.

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Another reason why cell phones should be banished from school is because kids can do inappropriate things. For instance, in an article called, “Cell Phones in School,” the author (unknown) says a piece of information that will be surprising. She/he highlights this, “15% of teens… receive sexually pics… via text message. This specific information was selected because it tells about inappropriate things on the cell phones. Another piece of evidence about inappropriate cell phone usage is an article, “Cell Phones in School,” clearly states, “Ill- effects… happen like gambling.” So this quote shows how games online like gambling can be inappropriate for students or kids because they are under aged (appropriate age, 21). They can also become
addicted to the gambling, and hey could lose much money.

Lastly, the last reason why cell phones should be banished is because it could be a distraction to classmates and teachers. For instance, the article, “Facts about Cell Phone Usage in School,” the author Shalu Bhatti emphasizes in the quote, “Teachers… hear ringing… of a new text message which interrupts the class ad her.” The reason why this is selected is because the textual evidence goes with what it means to be distracted during class by the usage of bringing a cell phone to class. It is distracting for a teacher to give a lesson to students who are looking down at their cell phones and not paying attention.

In conclusion, cell phones continue to be a controversial topic for students, parents, and teachers. It is a disadvantage to have these phones in classrooms and on campus. They have proven to have inappropriate material and to lead to cheating.


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