Advanced certificate in business Essay

The ground for this study is to help the company to further development. As instruction becomes more competitory in Ireland it is imperative to look into the internal and external influence that occurs in the Currys so that we as an administration can place new chances.

Method of Procedure

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A assortment of beginnings of information was used to roll up this study. The study consists of the description of the administration, internal influence on the administration, and external influence on the administration and academic theories are used to back-up the findings for illustration, I got the information from the instructors note and twosome of information from the Internet. I besides got some information from the staff where I am making my work experience.

History of the administration

Currys is an electrical retail merchant in the United Kingdom, and is owned by DSG international PLC. With its beginnings in a photographic store opened by Charlse Kalms, the concatenation now has a shop in most towns and metropoliss across the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. It was antecedently known as Dixons until April 5, 2006, when the company announced they were traveling off from Dixons trade name, except in Ireland. In August 2008, Currys replaced Dixons.

Today the company has been taken over by his boy Stanley Kalms, who was president until late, and remains president of the company for good.


Currys is a Public Limited Company through DSG international PLC is a prima European electrical retail merchant of consumer electronics with operations in 27 states.

Type of Enterprise

Curry is the largest specializing retail merchant of consumer electronics in Europe and controls more than 1,200 retail mercantile establishments in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal and Hungary.

Type of work carried out by Currys-Product or Service

The type of work Currys carried out is specializing retail merchant of consumer electronics such as TV/DVD, kitchen Appliances, Photo/ Camcorders, GPS Satellite Navigation and Phones, Gaming and Software, Audio and I Pods, Computing, Household and Gargets. Currys guarantee that these merchandises are ever available to the consumers.

Some of the services Currys provide to the clients are repair services. Any merchandises bought from Currys are covered by at least one twelvemonth maker warrant. Within this period if there is any defect to the merchandise Currys will mend or if possible replace for a new one. You can besides widen the guarantee up to five old ages by paying extra money which will enable you mend your goods if mistake develops.

Another service Currys provide to their clients is bringing and installing services. No affair how large a merchandise might be Currys will present and put in it for provided you pay for the services rendered.

Currys besides provide W.E.E.E services. W.E.E.E means Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment. Which means you can direct any of the electrical goods that you do no longer utilize to Currys shop for recycling provided you will purchase a merchandise from the shop. Finally Currys gives their clients opportunity to do payment through flexible finance which means you can pay by episodes up to period of old ages. It is a great service because it has given those consumers who do non hold sufficient money to buy their merchandises by episodes.

Who Are Currys Customers?

Their clients are the consumers who are in demand of their goods and services e.g. it could be consumers, hotels, restauranters, cooperate administrations etc. Currys is unfastened to make concern with anyone, there are no limitations whatsoever.

Administration Structure

Currys operates hierarchal degrees which shows the phases in the coverage relationships within the administration from up to down.

Flat Structures

A level administration would hold few degrees of direction. This shows that the concatenation of bid from top to bottom is short and the span of control is broad.

Tall Structures

A tall construction of administration will hold so many beds of direction. This normally has long concatenation of bid runing from top to bottom of the administration. A tall construction has a narrow span of control for illustration ; each supervisor has a little figure of subsidiaries to supervise. This means employees can be efficaciously managed.

Currys has many degrees of hierarchy which shows that they have tall constructions and tend to hold narrow span of control.

Span of Control

Span of control is the figure of employees that can be expeditiously managed by one supervisor. It is an organizational theory that refers to how relationships are structured between supervisors and subsidiaries in administrations. Span of control is divided into narrow span of control and broad span of control.

A broad span of control exists when supervisor is in control of many subsidiaries.

A narrow span of control exists when a supervisor is in charge of few subsidiaries. This control tends to generates high degrees of supervisor because the director has fewer employees to supervise.

General Manager runs the company through planning, organizing and commanding. One of the responsibilities of the general director in Currys is to be aftering. Planning is the logical thought through ends and doing the determinations as to what needs to be achieved in order to make the company ‘s aims.

Another responsibility of the General Manager in Currys is the controlling of the company for illustration, every forenoon there is what Currys called briefing it allow the general director to foreground whether the company is doing advancement or non. If it is non doing equal advancement the general director comes up with thoughts on how to better usually puting of marks per each and deputing undertakings to the squad.

In Currys Blanchardstown the general director besides looks after the financess generated by the company and he is in charge of employee ‘s wages.

The general director is besides responsible for the enlisting and preparation of staff.

Assistant Manager ( Stocktaking )

She carries the function of the general director when he is non available. But her chief responsibilities are stocktaking. She makes certain that the necessary stocks are available. She is in charge of the warehouse.

Expert ( Customer Service )

He carries out the function of the general director when he is non available. His chief responsibility is to look after client service, cashier and boulder claies.

Expert ( Gross saless Floor Manager )

He carries out the responsibilities of the general director when he is non about. His chief responsibility is in charge of gross revenues squad.

Customer service

Customer service staff is in charge of looking after clients for illustration, they deal with returns, ailments and naming of staff when their attending is needed at the counter. They besides direct clients to the appropriate shelf they are looking for.

Cashier and Tills

They are in charge of payment issue of grosss to the clients whenever they make purchase. They are besides in charge of maintaining the money and passing it over to the directors at the terminal of the twenty-four hours.

Gross saless Team

They are the bosom of the company and much is expected of them. They all do similar occupations. Their responsibility is to go to to clients, happen out what they truly want and sell it to them. Their function is non all about selling they do help client convey the goods bought to their autos.


She is in charge of general administrative functions in the company. Some of the responsibilities are puting orders to the stuffs needed for the company e.g. Puting order on bubble wraps, security tickets, electric bulbs, lavatory documents, soaps, uniforms etc. She is besides in charge of care of company for illustration ; if any of their machines are defective e.g. printing machine it is her duty to reach the care unit for fixs.

Warehouse Operator

They are like general secret agents in the company. Their chief responsibility is bringings. All the bringings that are coming from Ireland and United Kingdom are been cleared by them. They guarantee that the figure of palettes in the cargo are decently counted and checked for any defects. Then they signed the bills and maintain the transcript for the company. If the expected Numberss of goods are non complete they pealing the caput quarters for tracking and presentment. After which they send an electronic mail corroborating that they have received the goods in full or if it is non complete they besides province it in the electronic mail. After that they get the goods to their appropriate places in the warehouse.

The warehouse operators besides helped in conveying stock out for clients and helped them convey the stock to their autos. They besides involved in fining that is puting the monetary value tickets to the appropriate point when there is a alteration in monetary value. Warehouse operators place security labels to the merchandises for security intents. Finally they are in charge of all the W.E.E.E merchandises that are sent back to the company for recycling.

Plague Analysis

PEST stands for Political, Economical, Technological and Socio-cultural. I would be speaking about each of these factors and how affects Currys positively or negatively.


Political alterations are frequently implemented through the debut of new Torahs. The inquiry is can this Torahs affect the merchandises of the company? Some of the illustrations of political factors are: revenue enhancement policy, employment Torahs, and trade limitations. For illustration, late the portmeats and beef were contaminated with chemical substance toxin and the Irish Government asked the husbandmans and the supermarkets to dispose of those contaminated meats. Irish Government took this determination to protect the citizens of its state, although this determination did non favor the husbandmans or the supermarkets because 1000000s of euros were lost.

Currys is obliged to follow with the rights of consumers of goods and services protected by Irish and E.U Act, 1980 which stipulates that:

Goods must be of marketable quality. Goods should be of sensible quality taking into history what they are meant to make, their lastingness and their monetary value. Goods must be fit for their intent. They must make what they are expected to make. Goods must be as described. The purchaser must non be misled into purchasing something by the description of goods or services given orally by a sales representative. This ordinance could hold negative consequence on Currys because some of the consumers who know the jurisprudence could utilize it against them more particularly when they fail to implement some of the regulations.


This could impact the buying power of possible clients. Examples are: economic growing, involvement rates, exchange rates and rising prices.

Some of these factors are impacting concerns such as Currys for illustration, recession. Because of the recession Ireland is traveling through there are high degree of uncertainness about people occupation, this tend to do consumers cautious on how their money is being spent. Recently Currys returns have dropped dramatically as a consequence of current economic crises. Another negative impact of recession is in Currys a batch of staff were made redundant because Currys can non afford to pay their wages


Social tendencies are really critical when doing selling determinations. Companies will wish to cognize about alterations in demographics e.g. age distribution, population growing rate, cultural values and beliefs. As there is rise in population it is a good portents for concerns such as Currys for illustration, in Currys this factor affects them positively, as Irish population is turning Currys has the chance to enroll staff that would be cheap for illustration, most Currys staff are non-nation and because they are non subjects Currys saves a batch of money in their wages, which would hold cost them more if they are Irish citizens. Besides some of Currys clients are non subjects.


The technological rate of alteration becomes faster every twelvemonth. It is critical for companies to be cognizant of new developments because it will give company an border over others. The universe we live in through engineering is going a planetary small town it is imperative for companies to pay more attending on the development of engineering. Technology besides affects how an administration managed and how communicating takes topographic point in the administration.

Because of the engineering, all Currys subdivisions are monitored through their caput office for illustration, the caput office knows when Currys Blanchardstown runs out of stock through their system. The goods are delivered to Currys Blanchardstown from their caput office. They are able to make it efficaciously and expeditiously through the engineering. It is of import for the direction of Currys to update and retrain their staff in order to cover with latest engineering which is continuously progressing.

Porter five forces

The five forces model allows a house to see through the complexness and pinpoint those factors that are important to competition in its industry, every bit good as identify those strategic inventions that would most better the industries and its ain profitableness.

The bargaining power of providers

Suppliers are in a strong place if a seller depends on a few powerful providers of natural stuff, and this can take to high monetary values and hapless merchandise quality. If there are merely a little figure of providers commanding an of import ingredient, the providers?

Can utilize their strong place to acquire net income in an industry. Suppliers tend to hold low power because Currys might make up one’s mind to negociate a trade with other providers if they are non happy with a peculiar provider unless when there are few or less providers companies may non hold any other option.

The bargaining power of purchasers

When purchasers possess strong bargaining power they will seek to coerce monetary values down and fit rivals against one another, all at the disbursal of the Sellerss ‘ profitableness. Buyers dickering power additions when they become more organized, or when the merchandise is similar. In this deal purchasers controls the market for illustration, a purchaser may make up one’s mind to buy goods where of all time he or she thinks there is better value for money or where he feels the services are better for illustration, since the origin of e-commerce that is purchasing from the Internet or T.V store e.g. QVC, consumers has more options of purchasing same merchandise deceiver. This deal has great negative impact on Currys because purchasers have more picks of acquiring the merchandise cheaper else where.


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