Across the Nightingale Floor Essay

Kaede was still shaking from her confrontation with Iida and the only thing that she felt up to was just lying down. She could not help but think maybe fleeing from this horrid castle would be the smartest choice. She knew Shizuka would never hear of it. Just as Kaede considered escaping, Shizuka came in to give her a bath and get her ready for bed. As she combed Kaede’s hair strand by strand, Kaede thought more about Lady Maruyama’s plan. There is no chance Lady Maruyama would ever go through with it. She would never subject herself to that kind of danger.

Kaede knew she had to let it go and continue living under the rule of Iida until he was taken down. As the maids prepared her bed, Shizuka began to tell Kaede more about Takeo. While the two were talking, Lady Maruyama snuck over to her daughter and Sachie’s room to speak of their plan. Lady Maruyama was determined to get out the treacherous castle for the sake of her family. The thought of being stuck in the castle for much longer made her cringe. She felt a tug inside her stomach and fell to the floor with tears. She knew that she must not procrastinate much longer. She needs to flee for the sake of her soon to be born baby.

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As Mariko and Sachie helped Lady Maruyama up to her feet and cleaned away her tears, they realized they were going to have an adventurous couple of days ahead of them. Lady Maruyama thought about the risks she was going to take in order to flee from the castle, but the consequences that would come made no impact. Her first idea was to simply sneak out of the castle late at night with Mariko and Sachie, get in a boat, and leave for good. Unfortunately, Lady Maruyama knew that escaping was no easy task and one that could only be accomplished with a well thought-out plan.

The most important thing was to make sure that the guards were well distracted. The more she thought the more ideas came into her mind. She knew how the guards loved to drink and persuade ladies to spend the night with them. Lady Maruyama knew the only way to distract the guards would be with the help of one of the young beautiful female servants in the castle. Mariko and Sachie knew of the perfect girl for the job. Mariko said she would ask the girl to meet her tomorrow in the garden and there; Lady Maruyama would explain her needs. The three ladies said their goodnight and parted ways until the following day.

It was mid afternoon the next day and Shizuka left to bring a note to Shigeru. Kaede was resting while Shizuka was gone, so Lady Maruyama knew there was no better time to meet the infamous servant girl who was going to help her escape. Mariko brought her servant friend out to the garden to meet with Sachie and Lady Maruyama. As the two approached, Sachie and Lady Maruyama were already in the garden waiting. Lady Maruyama lifted her head and her mouth dropped in awe. The girl Mariko was with was no ordinary servant girl. She was stunning, maybe even more stunning than Lady Kaede. Her name was Nana.

There was something about Nana that sparkled. Her eyes shimmered like the crystal blue water of the evening sea. Her floor length blonde hair shined like the glistening sun of a golden sunrise. Her soft pale skin glowed with every step she took. The shape of her body was different than any other girl Lady Maruyama had ever seen. The defined curves of Nana’s body were flawless. Lady Maruyama was shocked she had never seen her before and as she was about to say how unfamiliar Nana looked when Sachie interrupted her. Sachie needed to tell Lady Maruyama Nana’s story before she could say a word.

Sachie began to tell how Nana had not been seen by anyone in the castle for over seven years. She was taken advantage of by Lord Iida many years ago and had unwillingly maintained an affair with him for years. His wife at the time, who recently died over the summer, found out about the affair but chose to keep it a secret. She stowed Nana away in a secret room that only she had the key to. Lord Iida never knew what had happened and thought his wife had killed her off. When his wife died, the key was still hidden. Luckily when Mariko arrived, she found the key beneath one of the floor boards in her room.

Mariko noticed a lock in the center of the room and opened it only to reveal Nana. For her safety, Nana proceeded to never leave the room, but Mariko visited her every night. Lady Maruyama was nothing but surprised and knew that Nana’s beauty was too desirable for the guards to ignore. Nana bowed to Lady Maruyama and with the softest and most soothing voice, said “I am here to serve you. You have control of my life and I will not disobey you. You are my master and I am your servant”. Lady Maruyama helped Nana to her feet and began to explain her plan. There are two guards that guard the entrance to the dock and four guards that are on he dock. The four guards each protect a boat and tend to drink while doing their job. Lady Maruyama knew Nana had the ability to draw them in with a single blink or a simple flip of her luscious hair. Lady Maruyama wanted Nana to sneak down behind the castle to the dock as soon as the last light went out in castle. She told Nana she would need to use her beauty to distract the guards from their posts. As all the guards would circle in on Nana, Lady Maruyama, Mariko, and Sachie would sneak onto one of the boats and escape. Lady Maruyama planned on paying one of the guards to prepare a boat for them and to keep it quiet.

The more she thought about her plan, the happier she was. It was clear Nana was not excited to have to take on all the guards, but she handed her life over to Lady Maruyama and had no choice but to do what she was asked. Just then, Shizuka was walking out to the garden with Kaede. Nana managed to get back to her room unnoticed. She was ready to go through with the plan. That night all four women waited up for the last light to go out. As soon as the glow from the lights disappeared, Nana headed to the dock. As she arrived she could see Lady Maruyama, Mariko, and Sachie hiding out of the corner of her eye.

The guards were already drunk enough to the point that they could barely speak, but they were sober enough to notice Nana’s beauty. Within seconds they all began to walk towards her and each one of them tried to convince her to spend the night with them. As the guards circled around her as planned, Lady Maruyama began to head to the boat with Mariko and Sachie. They each grabbed a paddle and began to row away from what once was their home. Sadly, they did not even have the chance to say “freedom” before they noticed three boats begin to surround them, one of which was being steered by Iida.

Lady Maruyama knew that they were caught. She grabbed Mariko’s arm and jumped into the freezing, dark water hoping to swim to safety. Unable to withstand the strong currents in the water, Lady Maruyama and Mariko drowned. Sachie refused to jump into the cold waters and was captured. While being brought back to the castle, she noticed Nana was still being harassed by the guards. She yelled for Nana to run and as soon as Nana got away Iida realized who she was. He did not send anyone after Nana; instead he let her escape. Unfortunately, Sachie was not let off as easily and was taken by the Tohan for punishment.


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