Acoustic Neuroma Essay

When the Schuman cells (used to keep peripheral nerve fibers all eve) that surround the vestibular division grow at an abnormal rate inside if the ear ca anal, you’ve got yourself a case of acoustic neuron. The resulting tumor from the uncontrolled growth of cells is benign, meaning that it isn’t cancerous (which would be malignant). Benign tumors grow only I n one spot, do not spread or “invade” other parts of your body, and do not usually grow back after treatment.

Despite their lack of a cancerous nature, they are still dangerous because of t heir potential to grow and press upon viral organs, like the brain. The tumors associated with acoustic neurons normally grow slowly, and because of this they symptoms associated with them develop gradually and c an easily be over looked. The tumor presses against the auditory nerve, causing dizziness, earning loss, and a “ringing in the ears” (tinnitus). Fifth tumor continues to grow and is all owed to get large enough, it will eventually press upon the nearby facial nerve and cause facial Para Allis or tingling.

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The real danger of acoustic neurons tumors is when they get even la roger and press upon brain structures, particularly ones that control vital body functions. 10th re common symptoms of acoustic neurons include problems with balance, vertigo, taste changes, difficulty swallowing and hoarseness, and confusion. There are two causes of acoustic neurons: a sporadic form and the NFG (neurotransmitters type 2). The second of the two, NFG, is an inherited discord re characterized by the growth of benign tumors in the nervous system.

Acoustic neuroses AR e the most common of the tumors grown and occur often in both ear by the age of 30. B UT, NFG is a rare disorder and accounts for only 5% of acoustic neurons tumors. As for the SP radio form, doctors are not sure what causes them. One known risk factor is exposure to high doses of radiation (no super powers? ). As previously mentioned, NFG is characterized by growth of benign, announcers, tumors in the nervous system and is a potential cause Of cacao tic neurons. But what causes NFG?

The NFG gene provides instructions for making a protein n called Merlin (or cinnamon, but that’s dumb), which is produced in the nervous system’ s Schuman cells. Merlin acts as a tumor suppressor, which simply means that it keeps cells fro m growing and dividing too fast or in an uncontrolled way. Its exact function is unknown, but it thought to also be involved in controlling cell movement, shape, and communication between cells. A mutation in the NFG gene leads to production of Merlin that cannot regulate g Roth and division Of cells, leading to tumors.

The tumors are associated with the coreligionist angle, located between t he international surface of the ponds and cerebellum and the posterior surface of the piteous bone and contains the triggering (responsible for sensations in the face and motor fund actions such as biting and chewing), abducted (controls lateral erects muscle of the eye), facial baccalaureates (transmits sound to brain and maintains balance), the super ROR cerebella, anterior inferior cerebella, flocculates of the cerebellum, and the choroids plexus The first description of an acoustic neurons tumor occurred in 1 777, done b y Sandstorm of

Leaden, Germany. He described it as a “small body clinging to the right audit rye nerve of such toughness that it was supposed surely to be of cartilage. ” The description is AC curate and reveals a great deal about the pathology of the tumor, but includes no clinical aspects. In 181 0, Laboriousness correlated the first clinical symptoms of an acoustic t moor with postmortem findings.

He described a 38 year old woman who was experience Eng vomiting, headache, loss of vision, tinnitus and deafness, numbness of extremities, days arthritis, and deviation of the tongue. Postmortem examination revealed that she did have tumor of the eight nerve, the auditory nerve. Because the symptoms not only develop gradually and are also indicators Of other middle and inner ear problems, the diagnosis of acoustic neurons can sometimes be dif cult. An audiometer, or hearing test, may be ordered by your doctor.

During this test a n audiologist presents you with a multitude of sounds that you are instructed to identify UN till you can barely hear them. Scans, either MR. (magnetic resonance imaging) or a CT (computer sized tomography), of your head may be taken to provide images to confirm the pr essence of an acoustic neurons. Some less advanced test can also be conducted. By means Of using a swinging swivel chair, the patients balance can be monitored to discover if it s off in any sort of way.

Another test involves rinsing the outer ear canal with warm water, hi chi provoke the balance organ, which in turn triggers a reflex in the eye muscles, making the e ye jerk horizontally. If this reflex is absent or doesn’t happen symmetrically, then it is evident there is a disorder in the balance organ. An MR. has an outstanding importance for tumor diagnoses. Using strong magnetic fields and radiowomen, an MR. is capable of forming images of the b day for inspection.

Because it’s more sensitive than a CT for small tumors and offers better visualization of the posterior Foss, it’s the preferred investigation tool for nee urological centers. It’s contrast between grey and white matter makes it simple to view condition s affecting the central nervous system, demonstrating diseases, dementia, cardiovascular did seas, infectious diseases, and epilepsy. It is also used in Unmarried stereotypic sure Gerry, which is used in cases of interracial tumors, riotousness malformations, and other surgically treatable conditions.


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