AcknowledgementsFirstly, The Company offers a strong and

AcknowledgementsFirstly, I would like to acknowledge and thank Mr. Madhava Kota, the CEO of Info Services LLC, and Mrs. Tasneem Kagal, the HR manager at Info Services LLC, for supplying the data, information and guidance I needed to successfully complete this Internal Assessment. Secondly I would like the thank my IB Business & Management teacher, Mrs. Jodi Forster, for guiding me through this process, ensuring that I have a deep understanding of the concepts to be utilized in this project, and helping me achieve success in all aspects of the project. Finally, I would like to thank my peers and classmates from my IB Business & Management HL 2 for supporting and assisting me through this process.Letter of AuthenticationTable of ContentsAcknowledgements……………………………………….1Executive Summary………………………………………4Introduction………………………………………………..5Research Proposal & Action Plan………………………….6Methodology Employed……………………………………9Main Results and Findings…………………………………10Analysis and Discussion……………………………………14Conclusions and Recommendations……………………….17Bibliography…………………………………………………19Appendices…………………………………………………20Executive Summary Info Services LLC is a IT Staffing and Consulting firm from Livonia Michigan. Owned by President and CEO, Mr. Madhava Kota. it started in 2004, and has since grown from 3 to 100 employees. The Company offers a strong and diverse array of services and sales have been climbing since the IT boom. As the industry growth rate began to increase exponentially worldwide, Info Services LLC wanted to capitalize on the trends by acquiring new clients and employees. After discussion with the Info Services LLC executive team, the question of “To what extent would implementing stronger and more extensive marketing and promotional methods and strategies affect the acquisition of clients and contracted employees for Info Services LLC.?”Two aspects were conducted in this study. First, by using a survey to conduct an audit of Info Services LLC’s performance as a company, ensuring that a sufficient product mix and employee training was present. Secondly, we analyzed how well know the Info Services name was to determine how effective current marketing methods were. Results revealed the company has wasn’t well known, leading me to the belief that Above-The-Line marketing/promotion would be beneficial to helping Info Services LLC achieve their goals. Word Count: 199IntroductionThe IT is a field currently experiencing exponential rates of growth and many companies are seeking to thoroughly capitalize on this boom in technology and information. As of now, the IT industry is understaffed. A plethora of clients exist and the demand for skillful individuals is ever increasing. Info Services LLC has seized the opportunities presented by the IT boom; Providing IT staffing and consulting services for many large scale  clients including Delta Airlines, JP Morgan etc. Now, demand continues to increase, the company seeks to further capitalize on the IT industry through the following methods. Firstly, it aims to increase its employee reserves. Due to the increased demand for staffing and the shrinking time frames for IT projects, Info Services LLC. wants to ensure they will have adequate employee number to effectively meet demand. Secondly, the company wants to procure smaller, local clients to increase their brand awareness in their geographical area. Info Services LLC requires expertise on the local business environment as well as the various marketing and promotional methods and have contracted me to assist them with this task. Through my research and analysis of Info Services LLC.’s operations, I have been led to formulate and investigate the following question: “To what extent would implementing stronger and more extensive marketing and promotional methods and strategies affect the acquisition of clients and contracted employees for Info Services LLC.?”To investigate this question, I will be determining if the company product mix is sufficient, how well known the company name is, and the possible above the line promotional methods to implement.Word Count: 263Research Proposal and Action PlanRationale for Study:Info Services LLC’s two main goals from this investigation are to procure more clients and acquire more employees to capitalize on the growth in the IT industry. While their current clients are larger corporations such as Verizon, and Capital One, they want to increase their presence locally to establish themselves in their geographical area. This goal can be achieved through the use of multiple Above-The-Line marketing strategies such as attending trade shows, job fairs, and marketing on social media etc.Question: “To what extent would implementing stronger and more extensive marketing and promotional methods and strategies affect the acquisition of clients and contracted employees for Info Services LLC.?” Topics and Strategies Covered: 4.6:The Extended Marketing Mix2.1: Human Resource Planning4.2: Market Planning4.4: Market Research SurveysPerformance Survey4.1: Asset Led MarketingStrong product and employee base4.1: Marketing AuditBrand Awareness4.5: Above-The-Line & Below-The-Line PromotionTrade shows, job fairs, social media marketing, word of mouth marketing 1.6: Organizational Planning Tools 1.6: SWOT Analysis 1.6: Force Field Analysis I will be using these following areas of study and tying them into the day to day and long term operations of Info Service to assess company performance and current marketing efforts, in order to determine what strategies must be implemented to reach the company’s goals.Possible Sources of Info:Primary ResearchIndustry Data CollectionSurvey to determine company, employee, and product performanceSurvey to determine company brand awarenessCompany provided marketing and financial dataSecondary ResearchMarketing AuditsResearch on Industry growth trendsCompetitor Benchmarking data Organizations and Individuals to be approached / Data Collection: I will be contacting Info Services LLC, Michigan Technology Group INC, First Recovery Group, and various other clients to determine product mix effectiveness. I will also conduct client surveys and observational studies to determine how well Info Services is performing and how widespread the brand’s recognition is. This information can be used be used to visualize client perception data and marketing effectiveness. Financial data can also be used to determine sales performance.Anticipated Difficulties:Sources will be limited and documentation may be difficult due toUnwillingness to provide dataNon-disclosureConfidentialityBias (Company, employee, client) Action Plan Website Building (November 4th)Improve on rather basic websiteMarket Planning (November 21)Client Survey Distribution (December 6)Social Media Marketing (December 10)Market and Survey Data Analysis / Primary and Secondary Data Collection (January 1st)Implement Plans and analyze industry data (January 4)Reviewing and Peer editing (December 4 – January 16)Final Draft / Reflection (January 18th)Word Count: 431Methodology Employed To determine how Info Services LLC.  can increase their client portfolio and employee base in the highly competitive field of IT Consulting and Staffing, I incorporated a multitude of both primary and secondary research methods. Primary DataI interviewed the company’s multitude of local clients including Michigan Technology Group INC, First Recovery Group, VIKI Technologies etc, through randomly distributed surveys allowing me to obtain performance rating data from clients to determine the extent of Info Services LLC’s product mix effectiveness. . The random in terms or the survey distribution assignment was used to effectively minimize any possible confounding variables and bias. In terms of secondary research, I analyzed the market both locally, nationally, and internationally to determine the size, scope, and focus of the market. This allowed me to determine the effectiveness of Info Services LLC’s marketing/promotional efforts. I attempted to determine what Info Services LLC must do to increase their promotional efforts. Secondary DataBy analyzing industry trends, I was able to analyze the most effective promotional methods in the industry to come up with a viable plan to help Info Services reach its goals. Using this information  I was able to devise strategies that will add value and benefit from increases promotional and marketing efforts. I conversed with the Info Services Board of Directors and Executive team to suggest and implement change to improve their marketing efforts. Through these conversations I have implemented extensive market research to determine areas where the company can focus on and have determined that the most success can be achieved through revamped media marketing, trade shows, job fairs, college advertising, and client circle optimization. Word Count: 267Main Results and Findings: There was a plethora of data both provided by Info Services and obtained through primary and secondary data collection and research. Both quantitative and qualitative data was thoroughly analyzed. As expected, research revealed that the IT Consulting and Staffing sector is growing exponentially and internationally with profound intercontinental growth and an industry valuation $3.4 Trillion as of 2016. Info Service LLC has already been capitalizing on this boom with the number of employees doubling since 2014.Figure 1The data revealed in the chart above was taken from a survey sent around to past, current, and potential clients. The data reveals that out of the 18 clients companies that responded to the question, 77.8% are aware of the services that Info Services LLC. provides and 22.2% are not.Figure 2This chart data shows that out of the 15 client companies that responded to this question, only 46.7% of clients actually physically had Info Services LLC. employees contracted to them.Figure 3 This bar graph shows that the majority of clients – 69.3% – are using either just one or none of the contracted employees the company offers, rather, they have been utilizing the company’s consulting and/or development services. Figure 4The survey has also revealed that Info Services LLC. is performing well but still has a few weak points that need to be worked on. Specifically, while the company’s performance is ranked on the upper level of the scale (Figure 4), there are still a few issues that must be addressed in terms of performance and dependability. Looking at the chart, we can see that the company’s effectiveness levels are consistently ranked in the middle to high range for performance. Figure 5Figure 5 shows that a sizeable amount of the current client base (about 50%) would recommend Info Services LLC’s services to others. This shows that there is a an effective utilization of Below-The-Line promotional methods through word of mouth marketing. Secondary research data has also revealed that attending trade shows and job fairs can play a vital role in client and employee acquisition. Due to the lack of brand recognition in the market, a more direct marketing based above-the-line promotional strategy is needed in order to obtain achieve goals and gain prominence in the market. my findings have revealed that the most effective way to increase marketing efforts would through: heightened social media marketing, attendance at trade shows and job fairs, and co-op/internship offers with college students. Once I was able to determine the project ideas that need to be implemented, I needed to figure out how these new strategies could be implemented. After discussing these possibilities with Mr. Kota and the rest of the Info Services LLC Executive team we formulated viable suggestions to improve marketing and company performance.Word Count: 470Analysis and Discussion: Info Services LLC. is projected to make a revenue of $10 Million this year. While this is a sizeable amount of Revenue, It is not even 1% of the total market share. However, Mr. Kota has conveyed to me that increasing Market Share is not the main goal. He wants to increase his brand awareness, establish new clients, and obtain more employees. Through both primary and secondary research data analytics, I was able to identify that attending trade shows to directly market the company, attending job fairs to recruit new employees, and offering co-op/internship opportunities to college students can help the company reach all three of its goals: Obtain new clients, acquire new employees, and increase brand recognition/awareness.How to Achieve Key Goals:Increase the amount of clients by further advertising services through Direct Marketing (ATL Promotional method) at industry trade shows.Increase the number of employees subcontracted out to companies (current utilization shows that only 46.7% of clients have subcontractors) in order to improve brand recognition.Acquire new employees through direct marketing by attending job fairs.Continuing good word of mouth promotion (BTL Promotional Method).Offer co-op and internship opportunities to further market the business brand and possibly acquire new employees in the process.Essentially, after analyzing the data acquired from both primary and secondary data sources I was able to determine that increasing marketing efforts is imperative to growing Info Services LLC’s brand name recognition and to obtaining new clients and employees, which can be done through the following methods:Internet and Social Media Marketing A quick review of Info Services LLC’s website reveals that while the website is made on a professional platform, is contains very basic text and imagery that detail very little about the company and its services. Improving the website’s aesthetic appeal will go a long way. Adding company pictures and explaining projects and services more in depth, will improve the internet marketing aspect and lead to a higher brand recognition rate. By analyzing Info Services LLC’s presence on social media platforms, we can see an potential opportunity for improvement. While the company is present on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, utilization of these platforms has been minimal. By conducting a SWOT Analysis, we have determined that social media platforms are a very beneficial opportunity. As many college students have social media profiles, utilizing the social media platform gives Info Services LLC an opportunity to contact potential new employees for lower costs as the platform is already present and inexpensive to utilize. Even though they face the threat of already established online competitors, Info Services LLC has a team with the strengths and capabilities needed to fully utilize the opportunities that internet and social media marketing methods present.Direct Marketing (Above-The-Line Promotion)Attending trade shows and job fairs can also be very beneficial to the company. Trade shows act as a form of direct marketing and allow Info Services LLC to exhibit their services to acquire new clients. Primary data has shown that potential clients would be more willing to contract with Info Services LLC if they were able to showcase and explain their services. Job fairs can also be beneficial as they can allow Info Services LLC to recruit and train new potential employees. Attendance at job fairs allows Info Services LLC to directly market their business and business model to potential employees. As the number of individuals entering the IT industry increases, the company can capitalize on the influx by directly recruiting employees. Offering co-op and internship opportunities with college students can also yield good results for the company. Doing so will allow individuals to experience the culture within the company and will result in the possibility of obtaining new hiresThese direct marketing tactics will also be beneficial to Info Services LLC’s brand recognition as well. Engaging in Direct Marketing activities will place the company in the midst of the action in the industry. By being an active member of the industry in recruiting personnel, acquiring new clients, and successfully completing projects, Info Services LLC has the potential to become a well known brand.Force Field AnalysisImplementation of revised marketing EffortsForces for Change:Growing marketGrowing demand for servicesGreat talent in the workforceMultitude of clientsPlethora of platforms to utilizeGood Business modelExponential market and demand growth projectedForces Against Change:Certain aspects will be expensiveExhibiting at shows takes time, money, and lots of human resourcesNot going to gain significant market shareAnalyzing the Force Field Analysis, We can see that although there are downsides and factors pushing against implementing these policies, the forces for change outweigh the forces against change. This can let us reason that it would be in the best interests of Info Services LLC to implement those policies.Looking back, data indicated that there is satisfaction with Info Services LLC’s services and secondary research has yielded that there is still an increasing demand for Info Services LLC’s services. Secondary research has also shown that there is a considerable increasing in the workforce for the IT industry. This Increase, combined with the promise in the field proves that improving marketing efforts can have a positive impact on Info Services LLC.Word Count: 875Conclusion and RecommendationsIn the end, this investigation brought forth many working points. Both the Primary Research data (Collected through client/employee surveys and the provided financial data) as well as the Secondary Research Data (Collected through industry growth trend analytics and analysis of local competition) allow us to reach the following conclusions:There is a high demand for servicesThere is a rising supply of new talent in the fieldThe company must begin to contract out more employeesThe company must begin to improve its marketing methods to achieve its goals Leading to the following recommendations Attending job fairs can prove highly beneficial as there is an influx of talent entering the industry. By attending a job fair, the company can recruit new employees Reaching out to college also proved to be beneficial. By offering college internship programs as well as recruiting college students to become employees, Info Services LLC reand can capitalize on the growth, interest, and influx of talent into in the industry.Attending industry trade shows allow the company to directly exhibit its services and obtain potential clientsImproving internet marketing strategies and social media strategies will allow the company to utilize an highly effective and inexpensive medium to increase its brand awarenessThere were a few flaws with the investigation however. Firstly, the time frame of the investigation was too short to be able to accurately measure the effects of the changes implemented at Info Services LLC over a longer period of time. Secondly there is also the possibility of client or employee bias on the performance and job surveys as many of the client company’s’ executives are personally acquainted with Mr. Kota – Info Services LLC’s CEO -. In order to adjust for these biases and time frame restrictions, the following tasks can be performed.After an extended period of time, reconduct the investigation to measure the company’s performance in the field. This should allow us to compensate for the short time frame of the initial investigationSurveys should also be given out to a wider range of future clients. This will allow us to minimize the probability and effects of any client or employee bias in the surveyIn conclusion, the information received through the surveys and client interviews conducted allowed us to implement and measure the effects of the implementation of the strategies used to improve the marketing efforts for Info Services LLC. Although the project was conducted over a shorter time frame I believe that, by continuing the strategies, the company will continue to grow, obtain more employees and clients, and capitalize on the growth of the IT Industry.Word Count: 434


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