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According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Neonatal Nurse Practitioners, NNPs make up only three percent of 205,000 nurse practitioners (National Association of Neonatal Nursing NANN, 2017). However, NNPs are among the most experienced and satisfied with their profession (Staebler & Bissinger, 2017). It is my goal to add myself to this elite group of nurse practitioners in the near future. Earning a Master’s Degree in Nursing and becoming a NNP will fulfill several personal and professional goals that I have set for myself. A NNP’s career role combines neonatal nursing care and medicine, and this is exactly where I want to be in my own career within the next couple of years.

Background & Experience

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As a child, I was captivated by the medical world, I enjoyed watching medical shows on television and visiting the hospital environment, especially the Newborn Nursery. I also loved playing the “Baby Nurse”. In high school, I made my way into this hospital environment that I was so mesmerized by, as a Candy Striper in the Emergency Room. I also gained valuable insight as a Nurse Extern in Labor and Delivery while earning my Bachelors of Science in Nursing. I admired the NICU nurses, doctors and practitioners. I would watch them at work on a fragile little life, fascinated by their evident passion and enthusiasm. I very soon realized that the NICU was where I wanted to establish my nursing career. I have been a Registered Nurse in the Level III NICU setting for almost twelve years now. I have assumed many nursing roles in the NICU, such as, Staff Nurse, Charge nurse, Nursing Preceptor/Mentor, and certified Neonatal Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter nurse. I am now training to be an air and ground Neonatal Transport Nurse.


Many of my life, personal, professional and educational goals overlap because my nursing career is a very significant aspect of my life. Earning a Master’s Degree in Nursing and becoming a NNP, will help satisfy several of my short term personal, educational and professional goals. Obtaining my Master’s Degree will be a huge stepping stone on the path to my next level of long term career and educational goals.


            I enjoy learning and experiencing new things. I want to keep myself in a position where there is an ever-evolving need for knowledge and continued education. I enjoy intellectual challenges and excitement, and I appreciate constant mental stimulation. In the NICU, you never know what your shift will bring-the excitement, emergencies and adrenaline rushes. Becoming a NNP will mean a lifetime of solving complex problems in a very delicate patient population. Neonatal nursing is extremely rewarding and satisfying. Establishing a relationship with an infant and their families for weeks, sometimes months, allows NICU nurses and NNPs to feel that they are truly making a difference. Witnessing a fragile little life grow and become healthy enough to go home is priceless. It is definitely one of my life goals to have a challenging, rewarding career, in which I feel that I am actually making a difference. Fortunately, I have already got to experience some of this my being a Neonatal Registered Nurse.


Becoming a NNP will bring me to the next level of my career by joining together my love of neonatal nursing and medicine. As a NNP, I will have a more dynamic role for caring for my little patients and making a difference. Not only will I be able to assess, diagnose and treat, but I will still be able to be directly involved in the care of my patients. I will be able to keep in touch with my caring side, which is the very essence of nursing. Nurse practitioners are highly respected by their peers, family and the community. I want to continue to feel valued in my profession. As a NNP, I will be able to further develop my expertise and leadership skills in the NICU. NNPs are an imperative source of education in the NICU. I look forward to teaching and mentoring a new generation of neonatal nurses. It is important that I am able to continue to share my love of the NICU and my knowledge.


Earning my Master’s Degree in Nursing is absolutely a short term goal of mine. In the future, I would like to go on to earn my Doctorate of Nursing. I intend to focus on research and improving evidence based practices in the neonatal population. I want to help improve the American Healthcare System by offering high quality, cost-effective care that helps decrease the percentage of infant morbidity and mortality.

Earning a Master’s in Nursing

Attending the University Of South Alabama College Of Nursing to obtain my Master’s Degree, will provide me with the flexibility and convenience of an online program. This way, I can continue to increase my experience as a NICU registered nurse and continue to care for my family. USA has a proven reputation for providing a strong education and training for advanced practice nurses who are competent, caring and meet the demands of our changing healthcare system. Earning my Master’s Degree in Nursing will prepare me to be a leader in nursing and my community by providing me with the knowledge and skills needed to provide a high level of comprehensive care to ill and high risk newborns and their families.


Earning my master’s degree and becoming a NNP will give me the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.  I will also be one step closer to being able to earn my Doctorate of Nursing so that I can make an even greater difference in the NICU world. I hope to be considered for acceptance into the full time, online NNP program at USA for fall 2018. Neonatal nursing has been a long term passion of mine and it is imperative that I continue to nourish that love. 


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