A Wall of Fire Rising Essay

An image that was prevalent in this narrative was the hot air balloon. The hot air balloon represented freedom for Guy. who was seeking to get away the unjust poorness that his household was sing. This symbol of freedom is foremost introduced to the reader when Guy. his married woman Lili. and their boy all go down to the sugar factory to hear the eventide intelligence that is displayed for them. This is a small topographic point of enjoyment that they have found since they don’t travel and sit with everyone else. “where in the past twelvemonth they had discovered their ain admiration. ” I thought it was suiting that Danticat separated Guy and the balloon with biting wire. It was like he wasn’t supposed to be free. “As Guy pushed his manus through the biting wire. she could state from the expression on his face that he was believing of sitting inside the square basket while the sooth rainbow surface of the balloon itself floated above his head” . this was boding that he would stop up in that balloon of freedom one twenty-four hours.

Before Guy jumped out of the balloon. he was inquiring Lili how she thought a adult male is judged after he is gone. She responded with “A adult male is judged by his workss. the male child ne’er goes to bed hungry. ” Guy took this as an blessing to travel Forth with his hunt for freedom. Guy is non judged after decease based on the act of killing himself. he is judged based on his workss and actions while he was alive.

I was decidedly caught off guard when he jumped out of the balloon. Why didn’t he take his household with him! ? When Lili and Guy were lying in the grass together he said “Sometimes I merely want to take that large balloon and sit it up in the air. I’d like to sail off someplace and maintain drifting until I got to a truly nice topographic point with a nice secret plan of land where I could be something new. I’d construct my ain house. maintain my ain garden. Merely be something new. ” I was left inquiring what his small household would make to last now. He was the chief supplier and Lili was ever constructing him up and seeking to do him experience like a adult male. I was besides confused as to why Guy would desire to set his boy on the list to work at the factory if that’s non what Guy even wanted to make in his life. I would hold thought he would experience the same manner as his married woman in that he would desire a better life for their boy alternatively of merely working at the lone factory in the country.

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