“A Telephone Call” by Dorothy Parker Sample Essay

In “A Telephone Call” Dorothy Parker uses repeat. tone. and point of position to demo compulsion and give it a voice. Parker shows the deep feelings of a adult female sing love. The linguistic communication used and tone of her authorship aid maintain an unstable feeling throughout the narrative ; although she does a good occupation on equilibrating positive and negative thought in the narrative. The point of position focal points on the confounding ideas of the brainsick adult female.

Parker takes advantage of repeat as a literary tool in “A Telephone Call. ” Her usage and pick of words continuously help expose her subject. The reader assumes that the presence of uncomplete or run-on sentences reflects the deceptive ideas of the brainsick adult female. Repetition is another consequence of compulsion. The adult female repeats the short hopeless phrase “Please. God” legion times and normally follows it with a short plead for aid or some bunk. The obsessional adult female uses aggressive and about violent linguistic communication toward the telephone. God. and even the adult male she adores. Repeat and you can state enunciation are some of import tools that Parker uses to propose assorted marks of compulsion.

In “A Telephone Call” the tone of the narrative keeps the reader’s focal point on the woman’s compulsion. The run-on sentences and short sentences create a fast moving gait. The adult female asks God for aid. because she can no longer command herself or what she wants. In a sense. the narrative itself seems out of control. The reader remains clueless listening to her often altering ideas and waiting for some sort of turn in the narrative. The tone keeps the narrative on the same unstable degree as the adult female.

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Point of position seems to be the most of import literary tool used in the narrative. “A Telephone Call” has a first individual point of position narrative. Parker intentionally uses this narrative to concentrate on a specific point of position. the adult female with the compulsion. Hearing the ideas inside her caput. the reader could non be any closer to obsession itself. Throughout the narrative one tries to link with the storyteller. Most people know how it feels to desire something. but few suffer such utmost hurting. The reader would ne’er come face to face with compulsion without the narrative and point of position of the adult female. If it wasn’t a first individual point of position narrative I don’t believe the reader would hold gotten the same message.

In “A Telephone Call” Dorothy Parker’s is to convey compulsion to life give it a voice. She accomplishes this by utilizing literary tools that make the subject more obvious to the reader. The pick and agreement of words shows how the woman’s ideas are imbalanced and deceptive. The tone makes the adult female sound hysterical and out of control. And without the point of position of the adult female the narrative would non be as impacting.


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