A successful family life prepares one for lasting friendships Essay

The household is the basic unit in a society. It is critical in determining the hereafter of an person because it is the support system that holds the person on to. The household is the first instructors in the life of a kid. This is where the kid is honed with its character. values and beliefs in life. They are the inspiration to any enterprise of an person ( buzzle. com ) . On the other manus. friends excessively are every bit of import as the household. They are the support which most hold beloved onto. They can be included as portion of the household because they are regarded as near to everyone.

Making or doing friends with anyone is a fruit of the household values which was incurred over clip. This was non an congenital character of anyone but was learned through the instructions of the household and the character that is shown by the parents to their kids. Making friends is non besides an easy undertaking. You have the option to take whom do you desire to do friends with. Friends do things together. They are friends because they saw in each other the values they look for in a individual. This is non an easy undertaking though. But more than friends it will imply a batch.

Friendship requires trust. trueness. holding common involvement and believing that no affair what happens they will be at that place for each other for the remainder of their lives. This is hard. yes. but it is true besides that this should be taken into history by anyone who is serious with maintaining friends for life ( Ellison. C. 1990. P 298 ) . A batch has been written about the issue on household and friendly relationships but ne’er dig deeper into it. In one of the subjects that should be taken is that a successful household life prepares one for enduring friendly relationships.

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I will be naming the grounds why still the household is critical factor in altering someone’s values. character and beliefs. their interaction with other people Family. as what I have mentioned earlier. is the maker of the hereafter of a kid. Parents in peculiar teach their kid to be more synergistic. From the clip they are born into this universe they are taught how to do friends with other childs. One of the activities that are done is activities that require get-together of the vicinity childs. Even before they are born they are friends already because their mas or their pas are friends.

This is how they start the friendly relationship of the childs ( Ellison. C. 1990. 299-300 ) . In a happy household life. friendly relationship is started among the siblings. They show to the childs that they are treated the same. They are treated reasonably whatever happens because the parents want to demo to their childs that they are alone and possess alone characters. They are taught how to portion with their other siblings. They ever inculcate in the heads of the kids that they need people ; they need friends in the long tally.

It is frequently said that it is all right to be entirely sometimes but it is non all right to be alone that is why possibly friends are created ( Ellison. C. 1990. 302 ) . The household prepares an single how to cover life’s challenges in the long tally. In the household. they are taught with jobs where their forbearance. trust and trueness will be tested. This may non be known to the childs but their parents are determining them to be a better individual as they go out to the universe where there are many challenges they will meet ( Ellison. C. 1990. p 305-306 ) .

The household builds the self-pride of a kid. Making them alone in any manner is really of import in hiking the self-esteem and assurance of a kid. Weighing things whenever they make error is really of import in constructing their self-pride particularly when they are asked to explicate things why they did those things. Through this they will be given the opportunity to explicate and discourse what they want their parents know. This will construct besides the assurance to any kid to open up to their parents non believing of acquiring scolded by the parents ( Franco. N. Levitt. MJ. 1998 P.

315 ) . For a friendly relationship to stopping points. trust and trueness are of import factors in doing friendship work. These besides are shaped in the household every bit good. The household builds trust to a kid when they besides trust their childs that they can make anything. It is the strong belief of the parents to construct this character because it is really of import to any interaction outside the household ( Franco. N. Levitt. MJ. 1998 p. 315 ) . Friendship is besides defined as the “habitual manner of associating to a individual. ” Being friends and doing friends is a common feeling between two people or among people.

It is said that friends do non come as a surprise but they are chosen as friends ( Franco. N. Levitt. MJ. 1998 p. 316 ) . Although it is has been said that the household shapes the character of a individual and how they interact with their equals but it is argued that it is the childs or the people who chooses whom they be friends at. Harmonizing to C. S. Lewis edifice friendly relationships is non about common involvements but being interested with one another. This is hard though but can be a learning experience to anyone who wants to construct long permanent friendly relationships ( Franco. N.

Levitt. MJ. 1998. p. 317 ) . In a household kids are taught with duty. In friendly relationships it requires duty and outlook. This is common to any friendly relationship but it is hard to construct. If the kid or the adolescent is taught within the household they will convey it every bit shortly as they get out of their places and particularly their comfort zones ( Franco. N. Levitt. MJ. 1998. p. 317 ) . Friendship besides requires a batch of outlooks. It may non be every bit hard as come ining into a matrimony but it is like come ining into a relationship for the first clip.

Peoples have been speaking about friendly relationship since clip immemorial but a batch of authors such as Aristotle. Cicero. and Augustine tried to expose the issue that to hold a successful friendly relationship should besides imply a successful household life. Harmonizing to these authors. character and virtuousness is every bit of import as what is developed inside the places where households teach to their childs. They argue that you don’t hold to be a good adult male or good adult female to be a good cook which means that the character is shaped because of what they are in the society. Equally much as the same with friendly relationship you don’t hold to be a good adult male to be a good friend ( Franco. N.

Levitt. MJ. 1998. p. 317 ) . Peoples like Aristotle. Cicero. and Augustine believed that character strength was indispensable to friendship – so much so that. as they saw it. one can non genuinely be a friend without it. C. S. Lewis. on the other manus. thought virtuousness was irrelevant to friendship. As he saw it. friendship “makes good work forces better – and bad work forces worse. ” ( Franco. N. Levitt. MJ. 1998. p. 318 ) A batch of things can go on when person commits to be a friend to person. Making friends is a duty to one another such as longer interactions compared to merely friends they merely met in a nine or a meeting.

Naturally. closer friends taking to a closer friendly relationship presume more duty for one another than do those who are simply insouciant friends. Besides presuming duty for one another. we besides begin to hold outlooks of one another. If I tell my friend something in assurance. I have the outlook that he or she won’t reveal my secrets to others.

That’s merely one illustration of the outlooks we have of friends. One can easy believe of others ( Franco. N. Levitt. MJ. 1998. p. 319-321 ) . In add-on to that. as to what hold been said by C. S Lewis. doing friends is non about transporting the character that should be in a individual and sharing it but sharing the common involvement they have and giving out what they can to other individual. Activities where they portion the same involvement can construct a deeper relationship therefore making a long permanent friendly relationship. This is what they want to learn that friendly relationships are gained non learned ( Halfacre. F. P. D. 1997 ) . This is true to some but still I want to underscore that characters and virtuousnesss that are honed within the household is still the best in constructing friendly relationships outside the universe.

Childs can non learn their kids to take their friends but they teach them how to interact with their playfellows. They teach the childs how to bask life without aching their playfellows instead assisting their playfellows understand the value of life and subsequently as they age they will go through it to their kids and grandchildren. Parents do non allow the childs choose their friends but they teach them to understand that holding friends should be common. Common involvements. activities and plants can take to better relationships which in a manner edifice relationship within one’s ego ( Halfacre. F. P. D. 1997 ) .

Conclusion Friends can be anyone. They can be the neighbors around. They can be the colleagues. playfellows. common friends and familiarities but constructing a long lasting friendly relationship is hard. It requires clip and apprehension. Through clip. constructing a long lasting friendly relationship is besides a procedure because it entails passion with the individual. Passion means cognizing the individual to the full and entirely and cognizing the involvements. likes. disfavors and among other things that can take to better relationship. Friendships are better when it is shared with person who has the same passion as what you wanted it to be.

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