A Study in Human Nature Sample Essay

Those that should last an revelatory event would confront a awful battle for endurance. The rule of endurance of the fittest would be one of the lone things maintaining persons alive ; people would hold to fall back to cannibalism and to killing each other as a nutrient beginning to increase their length of service. In The Road. McCarthy examines the kernel of human nature in a post-apocalyptic environment and ventures into the darkest corners of the human subconscious. demoing that when an person is forced to populate in some of the hardest conditions conceivable. it is human nature to make anything to last. In this bare universe. the persons lose their ethical motives and values and go remorseless and apathetic. The adult male and the male child brush an old adult male along their journey to the sea. There is a glance of the values lost by most of the subsisters as he says. “I don’t have anything…You can look if you want. ” ( 162 ) The old adult male immediately assumed that the adult male and the male child were at that place to seek and steal his supplies. go forthing him with nil.

When they offered the old adult male nutrient. the old adult male says. “what do I have to do” ( 166 ) as if he would hold to make something in return for the kindness. The old man’s reaction to kindness reflects the province of the societal values and ethical motives in this post-apocalyptic universe. turn outing that things such as pure kindness and generousness no longer be in this universe. Trust is besides a rare happening in this leftover of a society because ethical motives are lost in persons who will make anything to remain alive A chief motive that McCarthy tries to portray is the benefits and the amendss that mistrust can do. . This motive is depicted when the adult male denies all being of the kid that the male child found. The adult male said. “ There is no 1 to see. make you desire to decease? ” ( 85 ) The adult male is so panicky of the people on the route that he would abandon a incapacitated kid to guarantee his endurance. An action such as this would be considered a travesty today. doing the male child to experience ashamed of his male parent.

This ingrained opportunism shows the extent to which person would travel to merely to procure his or her ain endurance. When the boy’s male parent so refuses the assistance of a adult male who could potentially assist himself and the male child. the benefits of misgiving are shown. The male parent and the male child crossed waies with a alien who said. “ Bet that boys hungry … why don’t you come acquire something to eat” ( 65 ) . If the adult male had non refused. both him and his boy would be dead. For trust to be there must be honestness ; nevertheless. in this frightened and distorted universe. honestness is non much more than an after idea.

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The narrative besides examines what human nature will turn into in the absence of nutrient. Whereas in present twenty-four hours society cannibalism is frowned upon. it is the common method of endurance in the post-apocalyptic universe. In the book. one household survives by maintaining a cellar full of people who they eat piece by piece. Once the adult male and the male child interruption into the basement. they are confronted with “naked people. male and female. all seeking to conceal. screening their faces with their custodies. On the mattress lay a adult male with his legs gone to the hip and the stumps of them blackened and burned. ” ( 110 ) Surprised and shocked by this experience. the adult male and the male child so proceed to seek to run off every bit fast as possible. The fact that normal people have to fall back to cannibalism and have a cellar full of people for nutrient suggests that it is the nature of worlds to make anything to last. including eating their ain race.

When person is forced to last in a foodless environment. they have to take between morality and endurance. As seen in The Road. most of the people choose the later because they can’t stand the idea of decease. Because the values of society have changed so much in this new universe. luxuries such as trust and kindness died with the planet. Human nature. when forced to confront a life or decease state of affairs. tends to go cold and emotionless to let persons to mount to the top by stepping on others. Even though this book portrays a conjectural state of affairs. McCarty’s The Road suggests the infirmity of human selflessness.


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