A simple English Essay

Ever since I met Giovanni back in Middle School, we have had our differences. Two incredibly intelligent young men, it was no surprise that we became such good friends. He’s like a brother to me. I guess one of the reasons we are so close is the simple fact that we have such different views on life, and yet share the same basic core values. He takes a more violent approach to getting what he wants, but is able to use sheer cunning if he believes it’ll help him more, while I prefer to use my intelligence as the first tool, and only use violence when it is absolutely necessary.

Giovanni Locke and I met in middle school, a school especially for those in Houston who show academic promise, called Pin Oak Middle School. We immediately hit it off in a small debate concerning religion. At the time, I had proclaimed Christianity, because I didn’t know of any other religion at the time. He, on the other hand, was a firm believer in a Japanese religion called Shinto. So we had gotten into a fairly long abate concerning which of our religions was right, and which deities were existent.

Thinking back to that debate, I can’t really say if there was even a winner, or perhaps just forgotten. We had made good points, proved the other party wrong, and really worked our brains doing so. After the 6th grade, I had left Pin Oak (failed out in actuality) and went to a new middle school. During that time period, I was going through some rough times, and ended up abandoning Christianity. But fate had not had its fill with me. At this new middle school, It was suggested to me that I apply for a High School called Carnegie Vanguard.

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Easily one of the toughest High Schools in Houston to get into and also one of the top 100 High Schools in the country; this is the stage in which fate decided to play its hand. It was here in which I found Giovanni. Again. It seemed like I couldn’t get rid of him. And of course he had to remember the debate we had had in middle school. Of ours, on my part, it wasn’t so good for me to take part in this debate once again because I now proclaimed atheism.

As soon as he realized that I had changed my stance on the debate, he seized upon that opportunity to strike like a thief in a powerless supermarket. He took the chair, and never got back up. To this day, I can no longer argue religion with him for fear of being humiliated horrifically. Just goes to show that, some of the most drastic incredible arguments can spring from a simple, good-natured question. What religion are you?


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