A Reflection on Chasing Zero Essay

Chasing Zero. I believe. is a docudrama that will ne’er wholly go forth my head every bit long as I work in the field of health care. Chasing Zero nowadayss the subject of medical mistakes: it portrays the black effects they can hold on their receivers and how they can destroy the lives of the health care suppliers at mistake. However. beyond conveying forth consciousness about the injury that medical mistakes can do. Chasing Zero besides presents a end. This end is to diminish the sum of medical mistakes that occur. by such a important sum. that the ensuing figure is zero. Zero is non an easy aim. and many people may believe it is impossible. However. no affair the trouble. it is the duty of every health care worker to make his or her portion to cut down the general figure of medical mistakes happening every bit much as possible.

As a nursing pupil. I am peculiarly glad that I was exposed to the construct of medical mistakes this early on in my preparation so I can actively specify my function in forestalling them. The docudrama reminded me that I am come ining a profession where my actions have existent and important effects. A sloppy or uncomplete public presentation in medical specialty is unacceptable and I must happen the best manner to go every bit competent as possible. I was instantly encouraged to go a better pupil in the schoolroom. to work harder and retain necessary cognition that I know may be of great effect one twenty-four hours. Additionally. since my accomplishments have non yet been to the full established. I can take certain steps to guarantee that bad and possibly unsafe wonts which can take to mistakes. do non develop. I farther believe that Chasing Zero will cut down mistakes merely because it brought consciousness of the topic to the populace.

Now. when people visit a health care installation for any ground. they will understand that the professionals working with them are human. and can therefore do errors. Through the docudrama. people can larn to be their ain advocators and to oppugn anything that their health care supplier is making which is ill-defined to them. Chasing Zero presented many constructs to believe about and a end that. if worked for. can be achieved. at least on a personal degree. As engineering progresss and consciousness additions. this procedure might easy go easier. Instruments such as saloon codification scanners for drug distribution are invariably being created or improved and new policies are continuously being instituted in infirmaries. I am thankful that I had the chance to watch Chasing Zero and I hope to be a portion of the motion that strives. every twenty-four hours. to successfully take the construct of medical mistakes from our lives.

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