A Raisin in the Sun: Theme of Dependency Essay

Dependency “Weariness has, in fact, won in this room. Everything has been polished, washed, sat on, used, scrubbed too often. All pretenses but living Itself have long since vanished from the very atmosphere of this room. “(23-24) A Raisin In the Sun Is a play of dependency, where events are dependent on one other events. Monetarily, the Younger depend on the Insurance check to rescue them from the weariness and familiarity of their one room apartment.

Between all the talk about money, though, the fight for the characters to stick to their values remains. Finally, the aspirations of the characters, which depend on the check and the characters self-integrity, make the text what it is; an experimentation as to what actually happens to a dream differed. Three words that best describe and embody this play are credibility, self- integrity and that of ambitions. “Man… ‘ trusted you…. Man, I put my life in your hands. ” (128) Centuries of being on the Earth, and the human race’s reliance on Itself has not changed.

Most recently, society relies on technology heavily. However, mankind has almost always relied on money. Credibility Is a major Idea in A Riyals In The Sun. The prime example of this Is Walter misplacing his trust with Wily. Because Wily Is greedy, he takes Walter and Bob’s money and runs, which puts a dent on Walter’s plans for his liquor store and for Beneath schooling. When this happens, Beneath feels betrayed and hurt by Walter for throwing away her chance at achieving her dream. While I was sleeping in that bed in there, people went out and took the future right out of my hands! And nobody asked me, nobody consulted me- they Just went out and changed my Beneath confides in Saga. Even though what happened to Beneath was a chain reaction of what happened to Walter, she placed her trust in Walter to take care of her money for school, and put it in the bank. In fact, those are the orders that Mama gives to Walter as to what to do with the money leftover from buying the house; put some In for Beneath school and some In for his store.

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This connects back to modern day. From 2005 to 2009, the tracking of Internet scams rose from 100,000 to 300,000, proven by Alexander Manson, university of Tampa graduate and analyze of technology trends. It’s been centuries, and as a whole, the human race has not learned how not to get tricked; whether it’s with crime, money, or such instances with technology. Wily (fairly easily) tricks Walter, throwing away Walter’s trust for him, which causes a chain reaction of loss of trust within the family.

Peter Hamilton, author of A Man Called Peter(1951), famously said, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”; an adopted idea in A Raisin in the Sun. Throughout the book, Beneath is desperately searching for herself. She has her ye on the prize, and is staying true to her values. Throughout the play, Beneath represents self-integrity by doing so. She Isn’t afraid to verbalize her values, either. Before she goes out with George one night, she dresses In a typical Nigerian outfit and chants/dances.

George Is embarrassed and ashamed of her, and she Is quick to point out that she Is embracing her culture; something George never does. On the other hand, the contrast to George, Saga, emphasizes to Beneath the importance and their problems, and even says, “Perhaps the things I believe now for my country ill be wrong and outmoded, and I will not understand and do terrible things to have things my way or merely to keep my power. ” (136) Although George is unaware of his culture, Saga embraces his and embodies self-integrity as he does so.

Finally, when Walter tells Mr.. Liner that they will not be accepting his offer in act 3, even though he doesn’t know what will happen; how they will live in the Closure Park neighborhood, where he will work or if they will have enough money to get by, he does know what he believes in, which is all that matters. The most obvious theme in this play is that of ambitions. In the poem a Raisin in the Sun, the one which the play was based off of, Longs Hughes questions, “What happens to a dream differed? “(Hughes).

The play seems to even be experimentation; what does happen to a dream differed? The fact that the Younger family’s apartment has one window- a symbolism of hope, hope seems to be an element that the Younger come close to becoming unfamiliar with, as their plans are tainted with. Beneath plans to become a doctor, a female African-American doctor. The money he needs to go to medical school is [decidedly by Mama] in the insurance check from Walter Senior. When Walter’s mishap with Wily occurs, it seems Beneath doesn’t quite know what to do, “Does it dry up/ Like a raisin in the sun? (Hughes). Whether for sure Beneath let her dream dry up is not included in the text. Walter’s aspirations similarly are put into question when Wily takes the money and runs, putting him in the position to reevaluate his values and think about Mr.. Lender’s offer twice. This dream of his was a lifetime one, like Beneath, but had hit obstacles along the way, even before Wily. For example, at the beginning of the play, it is uncertain as to if he will get the money to start his store at all.

When Mama buys the house, Walter is beyond upset at Mama for crushing his hopes to finally start over career-wise. The final dream is one that does not perish in the play. Mama aspires to have a garden in a yard of her own. Her one plant, wilted and dying, symbolizes the family, and she leaps at the chance to get their own house and fulfill her aspiration. In fact, the last action of the play is Mama grabbing her plant to leave to go to the ewe house. It is assumed that Mama’s dream lives on.

Despite the myriad of different symbols and themes throughout the play, A Raisin in the Sun, three words that best represent and describe this play are credibility, self-integrity, and ambitions. Credibility and the trust of one’s life in another is a major theme and evidently, a major conflict throughout the story. The intent self- integrity of the characters and their values is one to be marveled at, and if it were not for the ambitions of each character, the play would not stand for and send out the message that it does.


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