A Raisin in the Sun Essay

I was furious that I couldn’t spend the money; after all, it was MINE. Watching my cousin ride the electric scooter he bought with his Communion cash caused me to feel true envy toward another person for the very first time. My jealousy was undeniably caused by this money-?the same cash that promised me joy and happiness from all the goodies I would spend it on. My experience reminds me of Walter Lee’s feelings toward the $1 0,000 that Mama is waiting for in the mail. He has big ideas for this income and wants so badly for his plans to come to life. “Do you know what this money means to me?

Do you know what this money can do for us? Mama, Mama, I want so many things… ” This quote from the second scene of the first act of the play demonstrates Walter’s unrelenting desire to put this money towards owning a liquor store. Walter feels like he is not being heard and that his ideas for this money are not being properly considered by his family. Walter so badly wants to be the provider for his family and their disapproval of his enthusiasm for the liquor business leaves him feeling helpless. I too felt helpless when I was denied the use of my money, especially when my Mom deemed the matter nonnegotiable like

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Mama did to Walter Lee. Travis, although the youngest member of the family, plays an important role. He is a source of motivation for the family to get out of the conditions they have been living in. In the first act of the play Travis says, “Mama, could I pup-less go carry groceries? ‘ Travis asks Ruth this question after she tells him she doesn’t have the 50 cents he needs for school. A lot of children Trivia’s age might pout and leave for school but Travis’ proposal of working after school reflects his desire, much like his father’s, to help the family out financially.

This scene reminds me of a friend of mine. She is 20 years old just like am and also works and goes to school just like me. The difference between us is that she has more responsibility than most people her age do. Her dad lost his job and her mothers part-time income was not enough to support the family of five. This ultimately led to her parents needing financial help from her. Being the eldest child of three, she expected this to happen but it doesn’t make it easier for her. She worries about money more than anyone I know. Eel so very frustrated that she has this tremendous responsibility hanging over her when she shouldn’t have to sacrifice her time, energy, and resources. She should be focusing on her school work and making memories with friends while she is away at school and I know her financial worries are always on her mind. Although she is doing it for her parents, it is truly their own obligation to take care of her and their other children financially at this time in their lives. See this same type of responsibility in Travis.

He wants to help his family but Ruth does not want her son worrying about money. Walter gets upset with Ruth when she tells Travis that she doesn’t have any money to give Travis. Walter gives Travis a dollar and he probably did this to show his son that he sonnets have to worry about money even though the family is poor. I believe that if Travis were as old as my friend is, he would be expected to help the family with their finances, but as a 10 year old, Ruth wants Travis to just be a kid and never worry about money. 2. Walter has the most powerful response to money.

His determination to support his family as the “man of the house” seems to overpower the rest of the family. He shoots down Beneath dreams Of becoming a doctor because he thinks it’s selfish Of her to want to become a doctor when he thinks she should be a nurse like most women in the sass were. Mama wants to buy a house for her family to live in. She wants them to have their own home and her own garden and a place for Travis to play outside. Walter tells Mama that a house is an unwise investment and that the liquor store is an investment that would actually make money for the family.

What Walter doesn’t seem to grasp is by telling his family that their own dreams aren’t practical he looks selfish and possessive of the money. Why would his family happily support his plan when he’s being an gasohol? Mama’s response to the money is one of sadness. When the check comes in the mail she doesn’t even want to open p the envelope. For her, the money represents her husband and all that he did for his family. Mama seems deeply saddened by the controversy that this money has caused for her family; if she could rip up the check think she would. “Oh. So now it’s life.

Money is life. Once upon a time freedom used to be life-?now it’s money. I guess the world really do change… ” This quote from act one scene two illustrates Mama’s frustration with Walter. Walter believes that money exemplifies the success and power he craves so desperately. Mama comes from a time when her relatives were slaves and all they ever dreamed of was freedom. Mama feels blessed that she and her family are free people-?that is what makes her happy. It angers her that Walter can’t appreciate how lucky he is and that he is so undeniably caught up in his obsession with money.

A certain exchange between Travis and Ruth reminded me of a memory I have from my childhood that I have never forgotten. Travis: “Mama, this is Friday. Check coming tomorrow, huh? ” Ruth: “You get your mind off money and eat your breakfast. ” After my parents separated my father refused to leave the house, forcing my mom, sister, and I to pack all of our things into garbage bags to go live with my grandfather. After living there for several months, my dad finally decided to get an apartment of his own; we were then able to move back into our home after months of stress and uncertainty.

One night, several weeks after we moved back, my mom was sitting in the bedroom my sister and I shared. We were talking and laughing like we always did. The tone of my mom’s voice got serious and she said the words that I will never forget, “l have fifty dollars in my checking account. ” that’s it? That’s all the money we have? ” “Yeah theses it. ” I was shocked thinking that all we had was a measly fifty dollars. At the time, I didn’t question why my mom told me and my sister this. The whole conversation was random and unexpected; from that moment on, I worried about us and if we would be okay.

Before that never worried if we were poor. My mom gave us everything she could and made sure we had everything we needed. Even though I was 9 years old at this time I was aware that we were living paycheck to paycheck and I understood exactly what it meant. I would occasionally ask my mom if we had enough money and she would always say “of course! ” or “don’t you Worry about that stuff. ” I recall a meltdown I had the following summer. I experienced a panic attack and was sobbing uncontrollably. My mom never knew about it but my sister was with me when it happened. What’s wrong? ” she asked. “l think we’re really poor. I’m worried about us. ” I felt anxiety and extreme fear that our financial situation would cause something terrible to happen to my mom or my sister and l. Ruth reminds me of my mom because she never wants Travis to worry about money. She thinks ifs unnecessary for him to be so concerned about something that he’s too young to be worried about-?much like my mom’s reaction to my questions about her paycheck. In the conversation about the big check, Travis reminds me of myself at his exact age.

Just like Travis knows the check means great things for him and his family, my mom’s paycheck meant that we had enough money to get us through the next two weeks which gave me great relief. 3. The presence of children helps me understand the “adult concerns” in A Raisin in the Sun. Housing, work, family, and money are the basis of the struggles illustrated in this play. Mama, being the head of the household works to support her family. Walter wishes his Mama didn’t have to work, especially cleaning up after other people, but Mama doesn’t mind. She has a lot of pride in what she does by supporting her family.

Walter also doesn’t like how Ruth has to watch other people’s children in order to earn money; and he hates his job too. Mama thinks that Walter is lucky to have a job as a chauffeur but he feels degraded and jealous of all the rich and successful men he encounters on d daily basis. He is Mama’s child and lives roof yet he wants control over the money that Mama is expecting Beneath presence as Mama’s child demonstrates the least am concern with the struggles the family faces. Beneath is by no m ignorant but she is quite strong-willed and independent.

She sec the most of their situation by accepting and embracing it. Her dry a doctor and she plans on becoming one with or without finance Mama. In the play, Beneath is a stable force for the family even In rid really see her as an adult. Ruth faces the biggest dilled- play when she is faced with a life or death decision. When she el her pregnancy she doesn’t see it as the great news that Mama SE is by no means an immoral person but she knows that she can’t child. To her, having a baby would be a burden to her family. The struggle Ruth faces with this decision is the most powerful display in the play.

The fact that she feels like she has no choice in the or heartbreaking especially considering that she placed a down pay abortion without even notifying her family that she is pregnant. Of housing, family, and money solely contribute to the great idler faces. Walter reminds me of myself in the story I share Holy Communion. Like me, Walter is not happy when Mama doe spend the money the way he Wants to. We have to remember the Mama’s son. The attitude and persistence he directs towards Me resembles my own persistence with my mom. Looking back at TTT experience have no shame in describing myself as a pout child TTS my pouting to shame.

He acts not only as a pout kid, bus also throws unnecessary tantrums. He is clearly upset about not he wants which stirs up these angry outbursts towards his family Walter is the oldest of the “children” in the play, his childish behave you would expect from someone much younger. 4. This play COOL with an all-white cast but it would not be nearly as successful as all-black cast of characters. This play is set in the 1 sass, the Sam written. This play directly reflects the events and social structure place during this time. Segregation was in full effect in the U. S. A story which alienated “colored” people.


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