A Modern Cinderella Essay

Once upon a time there was a beautiful lady called Ann. She lived with her mother, her father, a brother and a sister.

Ann was the fair white sheep of the family.

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Both her parents were hypocrites, her father used to tell something to one person and another thing to the other, always for his convenience.

Her mother appeared to be a nice person, very educated and with a lot of class. She felt she was blue-blooded. This was to her advantage because anyone outside the family would think that she was nice and kind-hearted. But her reality was different. Her heart had black spines and was rotten to the core.

Victoria, Ann’s sister, was her mother’s favourite. She would make her mother think that she did everything her mother told her to do. In that way, she appeared to be the prodigious one of the family, but she was as hypocrite as her parents. Her relationship with Ann was disastrous.

Ann’s brother was the favourite of her father, because he was the next man in the family and would play football, just as his father did; he was named Oscar, as his father.

Oscar and Victoria had all the privileges. Ann had to work very hard and got less rewarded. Sometimes, Victoria would blame Ann for things she didn’t do, but Vicky’s word would be enough for Ann to be severely punished.

The day came when the three brothers grew up, and wanted to marry. Oscar and Victoria had no problems with her parents. Both Oscar’s girlfriend and Vicky’s boyfriend had money and a reasonable physical appearance. But their hearts were as dark as the night.

Ann had a different story. She had met a guy who was less rich and was brownish-coloured. Contrary to Vicky’s boyfriend and to Oscar’s girlfriend, he was a very good person. But Ann’s parents wouldn’t accept him. Still, Ann would escape with him and marry him in secret, against her parents’ will.

Ann was the first one of the three brothers to give birth to a child, named William. He grew up to be tall and handsome, admired by his grandparents. He had a strongest relationship with his parents and loved them.

When William was a late teenager, his father died. William and his mother suffered from an economic crisis. The crisis grew and grew up to a point where his mother decided to return to her mother’s house, where they would have a nice treat. Part of why the decision was taken, was because Ann’s father putted a lot of pressure on her, telling her that it was the only way to get out from the crisis. Ann acceded to her father’s proposal, not knowing that she was going back into the monster’s den.

Into Ann’s mother house. Ann and William lived in the shadows where Ann’s mother’s dictatorship ruled. Ann and William resisted. Ann and her mother were always mad. William had a mission, to protect his mother from the claws of his grandmother. The problem was that he didn’t now when the big time would come.

William’s advantage was that his grandparents thought that he was on their side, they thought that William thought the same as them and was against his mother. William was very angry at his grandparents. He hated them, but wouldn’t let them see his hate.

The big day came. Ann and his mother were fighting because of an stupid reason, which was just used as an excuse by William’s grandmother, to start insulting her daughter. Things started to heat up and catfight between Ann and her mother started. Ann’s mother thought it was enough of this situation. She had planned to kill her own daughter with a gun and blame another person, knowing that everyone would believe her. Ann’s mother threw Ann to the floor an drew out the gun. William entered the room and surprised his grandmother, fighting against her.


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