A is where the birds sing songs

A cold
winters breeze blows over my body. Goose bumps rise up my arms, the warm coffee
in my Eskimo hands is a peace of paradise

Lips touch
the outer metal ring, as I sip the warm, soft liquid in the mug. The sun is
rising over the blue mountain tops, in a spectrum of colours blues, violets and
the most satisfying oranges and reds

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Birds sing
like a choir of angels in the heaven above and the long green grass flows across
my legs with the same movement as waves would break the shores of the raring

Freshness filled
my lung, smells of plants, herbs beautiful scenery. My cup of coffee cools down
as the flaming sun reaches the horizon

Flames of my
fire settle, time to make my breakfast, the breeze fades …and the heat wave of
the coals connect with my legs

Unlike last night,
I did not make a fire …I lay under the Milky Way, tear in my eyes of the beauty
that floated millions of miles away

There was
absolutely no sound, no cars, no hooters blowing or screaming people .therapy
to the soul .The wind was howling through the canyon below

Wake up cold,
fresh from the dew the night before that had sunk down from the sky, as if to baptize
me .My alarm clock …a roaring sound that crept into my soul and made my body

The one and
only …king of the jungle, majestic proud animal the deserves nothing more that
earnt respect .stretching in my blue, wet sleeping bag…Pointing my toes…And
bring my arms over my head .I give a big yawn that filled my eyes with tears

The thought
of leaving the place is so sad …this is my home, this is where the birds sing
songs of joy, and where the howling winds talk to my lonely soul in ways people
never have before.

I want to
see the angels float from the heavens through the rays of sun that shines
through the bubbly clouds, to hear the call of the lion, the sound that causes
your heart to skip a bear and your blood to pump.

I want to
wake up on the ground, where I can feel the waves of the grass break against my
body, the smell of nature that fills my lungs with pure well being

The beauty
that holds my heart, fills my memories and is therapy to the soul .the place of
miracles .My goodbyes will soon be back …as I walk, the winds pick up just like
good old goodbyes ,the grass waves back at me and the birds now sing sad sons
of longing

The sunsets
hold my heart, and soon I will return to get it back.


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