A Fable Essay

The story i will write this essay about, has the title ”A Fable” and is written by the author Robert Fox in the year 1986. The genre in the text is short story and the narration or point of view is a omniscient narrator. The setting in this story is in New York City, Manhattan. There are three charaters, we hear about in this short story and it is the main character which is the boy, the girl and the mother. The athmosphere in this story is a nice day, it is sunny and it is the boy’s first day at work. The story is named ”A Fable”, we think a fable is something untrue or a story with a moral.

A Fable can also be an incredible story. The main character and the girl has just meet eachother for a while, they have never seen eachother before and after a while in the train and they had talk together they get marryied in the train. It is a little bit shallow and the mother is not glad for the boy and say to the girl that she not shall answer him in the start but then they start a dialogue. We can see an example on page 32 line 7 ”Don’t anser him,” the mother said”. The train conductor is the priest, it is like a stroy that is untrue.

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But there is many other thing that is wierd in this story. As reader wee will see that there are a unsual openness to people in the public, we also see that is an unusual behavior in the story. The setting in this story is in New York City, Manhattan, that can we see because it is written in the story and the story also takes place in a subway (page 31 and 32)The two following quotations will show relevant examples ”He loved everybofy on the street and everybody disappearing into the subway” and ”Yes, today is my first day.

I’m going to Manhattan to start my first day of work. ” . The genre is a short story because it has one theme or issue, there is a few characters and the story has a open ending. It is very unsual that the boy and girl just has meet eachother and then after a while they get married.


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