A Certain Night Essay

Knowledge and Understanding 1. As it is rather obvious in the narrative. the storyteller does non believe that these work forces and adult females deserve to decease. This is abundant when in the really last line of the narrative the storyteller provinces. “when will it be light? ” 2. Throughout the narrative. the storyteller describes the Communists as immature. weather and handsome. although they are powerless sufferer. The storyteller makes the nationalist seem “murderous looking. ” and “cunning. malicious and smug. ” The head executioner has a “revolting mustache. ” and an “evil voice” . every bit good as an “ugly and barbarous face. which seemed to typify the inhuman treatment of all the swayers to the oppressed. ” This made it easy plenty to separate between the Communists and the patriots.

3. The patriots regard to the commended captives with no regard at all. It was because they didn’t attention for them. because they were Communists. and the nationalist constabulary were merely at that place to put to death them. They were really unsmooth towards them as they “pushed them clumsily and hard. hitting them with rifle butts and seting ropes round their thorax to bind them…” As good. they would mention to them as “criminals” . as they would number them one by one doing them seem no more of import than numbering the hairs on your mentum. The nationalist’s respects towards these captives were barbarous and really careless. 4. Near the beginning of the narrative. the immature poet becomes overthrown by choler and hurting that he really passes out. Once he saw a familiar face. he began to quiet down and garner a sense of encouragement. This familiar face started to do him experience more courageous and resolute. Near the terminal. the temper is wholly flipped around when they remembered their authorities was being formed. Their attitudes were now positive as they died. proudly singing for their state.

5. Tinging Ling wrote this shop to raise consciousness of the disapproving slayings the nationalist party committed. I think she honored her hubby with the passionate. loyal. hardworking poet. Possibly she wrote this narrative more for her ego. as a forever memory of her hubby. Not merely of his decease. but besides by demoing her passion for her beliefs. 6. A major subject in the narrative is to stand your land. and battle for what you believe in. In other words. be willing to decease for what you stand for. but proudly. Another subject is demoing the absolute inhuman treatment of worlds. It is demoing the barbarous behaviours worlds can portray on one another.

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Thinking and Inquiry 1. The tone of this narrative is dark and acrimonious. Tinging Ling achieves this in the characters emotions throughout the narrative. This is besides shown through imagination. through the glooming vibration of the narrative. Tinging Ling used nonliteral linguistic communication and graphic descriptions to do the narrative come across as both acrimonious and dark. 2. The scene of the narrative contributes to the tone because it is set up during a dark. cold. windy. white dark. The overall temper of the narrative was both glooming and somber. which contributes to the tone I think Tinging Ling was traveling for. Everything from the captives falling down in the snow. to the soldiers stamping throughout it. made the tone come alive through the text.

3. There are many different symbols throughout the narrative. For the main executioner. he resembles both inhuman treatment and subjugation whereas the immature poet symbolizes artlessness and better reform. At the terminal when the captives are singing to their decease. it shows a sense of opposition. which symbolizes the credence of their decease. 4. The sound of treading pess connotes punishment as a consequence of the Communists standing up for their beliefs. It besides shows despair because the captives have fundamentally hit stone underside. and have nil left to make. Tinging Ling repetitions this image to implement the desperation in the captives. and to acquire the point across.

5. This narrative reflects a political prejudice because they make the Communists seem guiltless. as if they have done nil incorrect. Not stating they are guiltless. but it is carrying the audience as if they are so. Yes. it is incorrect for the patriots to put to death them. but you don’t hear the past narrative between the two groups. Therefore. it reflects a political prejudice by merely demoing the “innocence” of the Communists.


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