MRI machines, also known as Magnetic Resonance
Machines, are medical machines which use strong magnetic fields and radio waves
to create a detailed image of a person’s innards (known as MRI scans). These
machines use large powerful magnets which educe strong radio signals from a
body’s atoms to create a high quality image. According to the Tesla Memorial Society
of New York (2008), Nikola Tesla first discovered the Rotating Magnetic Field in
1882, becoming a fundamental discovery in physics. The “Tesla Unit” is used by
all MRI machines in accordance to the International Electro-technical Commission-Committee
of Action.  In 1937, Professor Isidor I,
Rabi, from Columbia University, observed the quantum phenomenon called Nuclear
Magnetic Resonance (NMR); recognizing that the atomic nuclei would absorb or
emit radio waves in the presence of a strong magnetic field. Following this
data, Raymond Damadian, invented an apparatus, a MRI machine, which could use
the NMR principle safely and accurately to scan for cancerous tissues within a
human body. He realized that cancerous tissues held in more hydrogen atoms as
compared to healthy tissue. When subjecting cancerous tissues to a MRI machine,
they would release longer lasting radio waves in contrast to healthy tissue. In
1977, the first successful MRI scan was conducted on a human specimen.

MRI scanning is used as an accurately method of
evaluating and assessing diseases throughout the human body. Most doctors refer
to MRI scans to detect diseases that other types of scanning methods cannot
detect. MRI scans are used to detect head trauma, aneurysms, abnormalities
caused by strokes. They can also be used to view inflammations or tumors affecting
the spine or to view any major spinal trauma. Within the heart, aneurysms and
tears can be evaluated. Additionally, MRI scanning can be used to view
structural deformities or traumas with the different body cavities. MRI
scanning is also used to view joints, ligaments and soft tissues.

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MRI scans


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