The purpose of this study was to test if faculty ownership in
their post-secondary institutions would influence their engagement in teaching
and fit at work.  Supporting faculty sense
of belonging and identifying with its’ institution, as well as the faculty
engagement in teaching, are among the top priorities for the student-centered
leadership in higher education.  Since
the privately owned, for-profit institutional paradigm is discrete in its
overall mission from the State owned and not-for-profit system, the
availability of ownership could create a distinct potential for leadership and
management functions.  This study is a
quantitative descriptive comparison in which a group of the faculty that does
not own stock or have any ownership in their institutions responded to a
questionnaire, designed to assess faculty engagement in teaching and in
fit.  The study analyzes the responses
against the same group of people answering the same questions from the assumed
perspective of faculty that own stock in their higher educational
institutions.  Paired samples t-tests were conducted to compare the
responses and to determine any statistically significant difference in the mean
score from each set.  The study conducted
a pilot test to establish that individuals in the study could respond to the
same set of questions from different perspectives.  The total of 151 participants involved in
post-secondary teaching took part in the study. 
The participants were taken from a panel gathered and maintained by the
Survey-Gizmo third party data collection services.  The collected dataset demonstrated that
faculty engagement in teaching and fit was significantly greater where faculty
assumed they had ownership in their higher educational institutions.  The null hypothesis was rejected and the
alternative hypothesis was accepted as the result of the data findings.  This study hopes to fill the initial gap in
recognizing connections between ownership and various aspects of faculty
engagement, commitment, retention and fit at work


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